21st March 2019 | London

Kin Design & The Science Museum

Kevin Palmer co-founded Kin in 2008 with the idea to build a design studio around a small team of experts, made up of designers, developers and makers. His own interest lies within the materiality of experience, often blending traditional craft with contemporary technology.

David Dewhurst is a Digital Experience Manager at The Science Museum, London. He has worked at the museum for over 5 years managing AV and digital exhibits in galleries and exhibitions. He has a background in audio technology and interactive media, and has worked in user experience and mobile phone software design for Nokia.

In a 'How We Did It' style Q+A Kevin and David will chat about their interactive blockbuster exhibition, The Sun – Living With Our Star. The exhibit was a smash hit that showed visitors how the Sun’s movements varied depending on where in the world they were located and at what time of year.

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