14th July 2016 | Reading

The App Business

Christina Ohanian

As an avid agile evangelist, Christina is passionate about helping build and support self-organising teams and individuals from the ground up. She is especially interested in finding new techniques and ways of empowering teams. As a member of the Agile community of practice, she is a regular conference speaker and workshop facilitator, both in the UK and abroad. She’s also a Graphics Illustrator and enjoys bringing this into the workspace to facilitate meetings.

We’re super-excited that Christina will be talking to Glug Reading about Creative spaces for creative thinking, as organisations increasingly realise that space plays a critical part in enabling creative thinking, innovation and greater agility. 

In her talk, she’ll draw upon why she thinks creative spaces have such a great impact on ideas, dynamics and most of all team performance - be it technical software development teams, or non-technical sales teams. Christina will share her top tips, to help us think about building a workspace to inspire our own/ team's creativity.

Christina started her career right here in Reading, as a test engineer for's scrum team. 

Filmed by No Magnolia, at RYND Reading.

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