10th July 2016 | London


Jody Malam is Creative Director at MTV. 

In this talk he took us through the journey of MTV. And when MTV launched in 1981, there was nothing like it. A 24-hour music channel was unheard of, and its impact on the entertainment industry was huge. As well as driving innovation in music videos, it helped launch the careers of some of the 80s and 90s biggest artists and filmmakers, and its animated series and reality shows like Beavis and Butthead and the Real World paved the way for new genres of television.

Thirty-four years later, however, MTV is facing tough competition. It’s now broadcast in over 160 countries to half a billion households, but it has to contend with dozens of music and teen channels, as well as online platforms where artists and amateurs can create and share content in an instant. For a channel founded on providing innovative content and discovering the next big thing, keeping pace with the immediacy of the internet is perhaps its biggest challenge.

Filmed by Glug London, Ohayo Films, at The Trampery Old Street

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