21st July 2016 | Manchester

Dan Hett

Dan is a BAFTA award-winning creative technologist, digital artist and games developer from Manchester. After spending three years working for BBC Children's and then a year in BBC Research & Development, Dan now works as a creative tech gun-for-hire, building big interesting things with code and technology that people can play with, make stuff with, or dance in front of. When he's not doing that, by night he's also a performing live visual artist, creating eye-melting improvised live visuals for concerts, festivals and beyond - most recently via the Algorave movement, and regularly at chiptune and electronica shows, most notably doing headline visuals at last year's Superbyte Festival. 

He's also an experienced technical educator and serial hack event organiser - he instigated the Manchester Game Jam which still runs today, and also teaches Gamedev 101 courses as well as regular digital creativity workshops and all sorts in between. Dan has previously spoken for the likes of Resonate, Reasons To Be Creative, BLAB, Code Mesh, and countless others.

Dan's talk is entitled "Things To Break And Do", and will be a colourful, noisy, rapid-fire journey through some of the ludicrous things he's made with computers.


Twitter: @danhett

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