Glug x Subism

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11 January 2017
Glug x Subism

In early- to mid-2016 Glug commissioned the epic Subism to rebuild the Glug site, and here's how it came about:


About Subism

We’re a full-spectrum creative and digital team of designers, coders and illustrators. Through the things we make or the way we make them, we believe technology and design should enhance lives and the way we connect with each other.

Along with our own clients both big and small, our tight-knit team is also valued by larger agencies for our individual specialisms and attention to detail. In particular, we’ve supported Studio Output as a web development partner on a variety of projects  including the production of the new Glug site.  

The project

As Glug expands across the UK (and internationally), the site needed a refresh to help spread the message to new Gluggers. It also needed to showcase Glug’s adventurous creativity while helping to grow their outreach to a targeted 100 cities.  To bring the project together, we partnered with the talented lot at Studio Output to develop and build the new website they created for Glug

What we did 

Glug needed a fluid CMS that would allow them to add, update and schedule content whenever they needed. We chose Craft as the system is fast, flexible and intuitive for both the site admins and any content managers who’ll look after the site copy.  Each page was built with a modular structure that allowed us to create complex articles –  perfect for video, slideshows, images and multiple styles of text block. This was important for Glug as its Projects and News pages become more influential in the design and broader creative community. 

We built the front end to adjust to the capabilities of any device and give a beautiful tailored experience whenever users are viewing the site. By using CSS media queries, we fine tuned the presentation of content, allowing it to respond to screen size.

For images, we made sure the loading was handled responsively. Smaller screens will load smaller images to keep page sizes down – helping to improve load times and mobile data usage while showing the images at their best. 


The results 

Paired with some fantastic branding and design from the Output team, Glug now have a site that’s slick and continues to push the global expansion forward. 

“The chaps at Subism did a superb job with the Glug website build, collaborating closely with us as an integral part of the Glug team. The site’s allowing us to scale rapidly and serve more content than ever. Thumbs up!” – Nick Clement, Glug HQ


Pro tip from us: If you want to make meaningful connections with your customers through innovative approaches, get in touch with and check out Subism now now now.