17th October 2021 | London
Studio Cribs: venturethree

by Ben Mottershead


We recently worked with venturethree, an independent brand company based in London, specialising in brand strategy, brand expression and brand experience, to put on our latest Glug Meets events.

The 20 year old branding company prides itself in utilising strategy, design and experience to create the perfect brand for their clients and having worked with clients such as Sky, Just Eat, Trustpilot and Penguin Random House they clearly have a tried and tested formula which just keeps on giving.

We invited venturethree to be the first instalment to our Studio Cribs series which doesn't just focus on the work created, but at the studios ethos, their culture and their way of working. Have a read below and dive into the world of venturethree.

What makes you unique as a studio?

Our clients, our team and our space. Our clients are usually a step or two ahead, pushing us to push them even further. Our team mixes all types of skills, backgrounds and talents – hopefully to make a magic blend. Our office is a bright, open space – where ideas and people can crash into each other. 

Is the studio hierarchal, or is it a more collaborative environment without job titles etc

venturethree has a fairly flat structure. People have job titles, but we have an open, collaborative culture. Ideas can come from anywhere, no matter what your role is or how much experience you have. We try to give people the confidence and space to make themselves heard, and we give everyone opportunities to get in front of clients - even if they are straight out of college. 


What piece of advice could you give about successfully running your own studio?

Create a system that nurtures and grows the best talent, and make sure you give that talent a stake in the future. 

Your client list is pretty impressive. From experience do you have a favourite industry to work within?

We don’t have a favourite industry.  It’s more about working on the right challenge and creating solutions that work for people, brands, and society. We enjoy working with entertainment and tech brands – they are far-reaching, and far loved. We also love working with the likes of the UN and Scar Free, where every project feels like you are helping a billion causes. In terms of the ‘cool’ factor, our work with the space industry probably wins.


During your Glug Meets event, there was a lot of emphasis on Strategy during the presentations. What do you believe is crucial when formulating a successful strategy for a project?

Go deeper. 

Start by asking the right questions.  Is the problem we are trying to solve the right one? What is our biggest opportunity? Dig deep into that ambition, and test it to make sure it reflects what the market and people need. 

Go further. 

Don’t be afraid to go beyond expectations. While every project has clear goals upfront, magic often happens beyond those boundaries. 

Speak for change.  

Change the vocabulary, not just the thinking. Words can signal change faster than design can. Make sure words are part of your creative process.

Focus on action.

Strategy is nothing without action. Right from the start, think about how your work will live in the real world. Only then will your ideas have the impact you want them to have. 


Your work with The Scar Free Foundation was very inspiring. Do you find these kinds of projects are more difficult tackle on due to the life-changing effect they can have?

They aren't more difficult to tackle because everyone in the team loves to work on those projects. But they do come with a heightened sense of responsibility. As a team, we are very aware of the impact they can have, and we harness that pressure to deliver our very best work. 

What kind of process do you have within the studio and team when working to a brief? Could you take us through the day to day workflow?

Our workflow is pretty fluid. Every project is different, we adapt to each brief and assemble the team accordingly. Typically, a Creative Director, Project Director and Strategy Director are involved in every project from beginning to end.  We then bring in specialists within our team as needed: competitor analysis, experience mapping, brand writing, motion graphics, illustration, UI, typography… you name it. 

What are your aspirations for venturethree?

To take the idea of  ‘brand’ to a new level, beyond the expected.


Do you have a project you feel stands out to you, or best reflects the studio?

Sky illustrates us at our best. Trustpilot stands out for its clarity of purpose, which translates into a clarity of design. Dreem, a new company that uses neuroscience and technology to improve people’s lives through better sleep, is a good example of an ideal brief for us. 

Universities have just finished. What advice would you give to a student or graduate who is starting to approach studios about roles?

Get out there and stand out. Network, ask to be introduced to people and get as much work experience as possible. In the creative industries, how you present yourself is important. Make sure your CV and portfolio are clear, and on point. 

Above all, follow your dreams. Do what you love. Studios want to see the sort of creative you are, not the sort of creative you think they want to see. And remember, projects are never 'finished'. 


What’s the hardest and also the best thing about running a successful design agency?

Creativity. Creativity. 

As a studio would you rather fight twenty duck size horses, or a horse-sized duck? And why?

A horse-sized duck. It makes for a better story.

You can check out venturethree's portfolio and channels by visiting their website.


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