8th November 2019 | London
Studio Cribs: Taxi Design

Written by Ben Mottershead

Winter is coming and our Christmas Party, Creativity Can Save the World, is just around the corner. Speaking at the event we have an array of representatives from all walks of life. From Extinction Rebellion, to Facebook for Good, Project Everyone and Glimpse. Among them will also be Taxi Design. A Bristol based design agency who have been making waves for the last 17 years.

To get you all hyped up for the event we approached them for one of our 'Studio Cribs' interviews and Managing Partner, Kate Lenton and Marketing Manager, Josh Matthews were at hand to answer.



How do you find running a design studio in a city like Bristol? Is it good? challenging? Etc


Kate: There is always a challenge for regional agencies with less access to talent, so attracting and retaining good people is hugely important. We work really hard to provide a culture where ambitious people feel supported, rewarded and become better at what they do while they are with us, but filling roles and accessing great freelancers is always much harder in a smaller pool.

Bristol’s creative scene has never been particularly competitive, agencies have always stuck together and there is a much more collaborative vibe than in some larger cities. When new agencies set up here, they find it hard to get their heads around it, but our creative scene is founded on local agencies coming together to create something special – collaborative, accessible, helpful and really celebratory of each other.


What makes you unique as a studio?


Kate: We try not to think too hard about whether what we’re doing is unique or compare ourselves to other agencies – we focus on producing great work and maintaining a culture where great work can flourish. When people join Taxi they often comment that we feel ‘different’ and that comes from two things – the collective energy of smart (and lovely) people working hard and enjoying what they do, and the belief that we are only as good as the project we’re working on right now – that’s what keeps us on our toes and constantly striving for better, and that’s why we have such long standing relationships with amazing clients who trust us to deliver for their brands.


What piece of advice could you give about successfully running your own studio?


Kate: Expect the unexpected… and enjoy the ride! Our industry is unpredictable and even when you think you know what’s around the corner, anything can happen. We’ve had a challenging year, against a very unsettled client landscape and the only way for an agency to get through that is to focus on what you do best, protect what makes you special and have fun!



What has been your personal favourite project to date within Taxi?


Josh: Personally, my favourite project we’ve worked on to date is Arnolfini’s relaunch campaign. As a proud Bristolian, the organisation is very close to my heart, so being the lead on a brand campaign which refreshed people’s perception of Arnolfini in and beyond the local community, whilst providing the organisation with a robust visual platform for all future brand-led activity was a real honour. Seeing up the campaign brought to life across my hometown was also a very proud moment and very much ticked a box on my bucket list!


Make sure to grab tickets to our upcoming event to hear Taxi speak about design for good and their latest projects, alongside with a host of amazing speakers, workshops and freebies!

You can see the full line-up and purchase tickets here!


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