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Studio Cribs: Offset Earth

Offset Earth is an online enterprise and platform which helps you to offset your carbon footprint so people like you can actually take on the climate crisis and become climate positive. It was founded by three Bristolians: Elliot CoadAlex Price, and Lucy Jack with 'buckets of help' from their cofounders Ian Hambleton and Robert BelgraveAlex Myers and Olly Rzysko.

With you donations 87.5% goes towards Climate Projects around the world, 10% goes towards marketing and spreading the word of Offset, and just 2.5% is taken up by the transaction fee.

They're amassing a collective of passionate and talented humans in all corners of the world to build a platform for great climate action. If you feel you can help in any way in terms of putting this in-front of a new audience, feedback, working with businesses, or funding – then make sure to come to our next Reading event so you can talk to them face-to-face.


Can you describe the work Offset do? What are you currently involved in around the world?

We’re here to allow people who are concerned about climate change to make direct contributions to saving the planet by funding world-class climate projects. We’ve planted 200,000 mangrove trees in Madagascar; supplied fuel-efficient cooking stoves in Kenya; repaired damaged water holes in Malawi so communities don’t need to boil dirty water. That's just to name a few.

It’s a subscription service for £4.50 where you more than offset your entire carbon footprint, and you’ll get to grow your forest by planting 12 trees each month.

For businesses it’s similar. They can get a Climate Positive Workforce where their entire staff are offset, as well as the company having a forest planting sometimes thousands of trees each month.


What are your aspirations and hopes for Offset as a platform?

We want to be the platform people and businesses can use to come together to take ownership of their contribution to the climate crisis. The opportunity is huge - if we were just a few % as successful as Spotify we’d plant over a billion trees. It’s reasonable to say that we could play a huge part in improving the planet.

We noticed you’re looking putting your financials online. How important is transparency for you?

Massively important. We need our organisation to be a squeaky clean mirror reflection of our mission, otherwise, it will fall short. We can already feel how sensitive our subscribers are to how we conduct ourselves, who we’re working with, and our attitude to profit-taking. So all of our revenue information, suppliers, receipts are all on a public ledger. This helps, but actually, we need to keep on taking it further: so going to visit our actual trees and report back, become B-Corp Certified, independent auditing etc.

Some of the initiatives you target are things such as tree planting. Is there an area you haven’t yet explored but would like to progress into?

With climate change solutions there’s always some element of doubt of its certainty. For now, we’ve partnered with an independent third party, created by the WWF who certify these projects to the highest standard. They have gone the furthest in terms of research, scientific modelling, and accountability. So we’re sticking to projects that they’ve rubber-stamped, so that’s renewables, reforestation, and some really interesting energy efficiency projects.


How has the experience been progressing from a CTO to a Director? Do you find the responsibilities more intense, different? or is it carry on as usual?

Phwoar, it’s different alright. Going from having a defined role, to a founder in a startup is like having your old job, but adding several others on top of it. I’ve been able to bring a good few skills with me, apart from writing copy. You realise spending your life as a developer in no way sets you up for the world of consumer-facing copywriting.

Bristol is renowned for being a green city having been declared the UK’s greenest city numerous times. How has bristol shaped the way you view the planet and consequently the way you operate Offset?

I moved to Bristol recently from London. Our environmental startup is par for the course amongst seemingly thousands of others in the city. There isn’t anything inherently green about Bristol apart from the people gravitate to making it a priority.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their initiative but is maybe unsure how to proceed?

Make sure the initiative you’re starting is about climate action. There is nothing more pressing and rewarding.


You can purchase tickets for our next Reading event so you can talk to the team at Offset and find out how you can become involved and start to become a more carbon positive individual.

You can see the full line-up and purchase tickets here!

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