6th December 2021 | London
Summer Party Extravaganza

Last month saw us host another iconic Summer Party. There were talks from some incredible studios such as Accept & Proceed, FutureDeluxe, MultiAdaptor, Here Design, Equal Lens and Together Design, with live scribing and mural work being showcased by Three Blind Mice. The night wasn’t just about awesome presentations and educational anecdotes however, we also had music, free pizza and drinks, a BBQ and even a live performance from London based Grime Artist Peigh. At this point, you’re probably screaming at your computer and wondering why and how you missed it. Well not to worry, we host events all the time as well as putting on annual Christmas and summer parties! So while you wait, or frantically look up what other events we have on, which you can do here by the way, check out below to see some shots from the night and read about what went down in more detail.


First to take the stage was Mark Paton, Creative Partner at design studio Here Design who took us on a journey speaking about the value which can be found within “human-made” design, while explaining that sometimes the most interesting projects a studio can undertake are the ones which aren’t always smooth sailing, or go to plan. As an example to this, he went further and showcased a recent case study for The Balvenie Stories, which taught the studio 6 key lessons: Listen more; Celebrate humans; Treat packaging design as a gateway; Think in words; Keep going and; Share goodwill.


Next up was MultiAdaptor and taking to the stage was Co-Founder and Strategy Director Andy West, along with Strategy Director Izzy Hays. Between them, they offered insight into their in-house strategy and how to become the best version of… well, you. The pair charismatically held the audience and asked the question, what’s your secret sizzle? And then continues by helping us to find our own answers. For future reference, their sizzle formula consists of Experience x Character = Sizzle.


FutureDeluxe followed in the form of William Denning and Felix Chilvers. The ‘Experiential studio’ gave the crowd a crash course in machine learning showing how programmes can understand and refine data to create even a frighteningly realistic conversation between 90’s F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Monica, Rachel and Phoebe. Some of their other projects consist of thinking about what it means to be a plant and the use of machine learning to create digital eco-systems.


We also had an insightful conversation and presentation from co-founder of Together Design Heidi Lightfoot, as well as Q&A with Integrated Producer, adam&eveDDB & Equal Lens Founder Jaki Jo Hannan & photographer Aleksander Kingo. Microsoft Surface were also once again at hand on the night with an awesome activation lead by award-winning illustrator, designers, and photographer Tim Easley.


Last to take to the stage was Founder of Accept & Proceed David Johnson, who predominantly spoke about the importance of investigating and exploring when creating work, how studio projects can define you far more than client work ever again and also showcased their latest endeavour, Explorations, a collaborative and experimental platform which creates reactive visuals to sound. This was then demonstrated by London based creative and grime artists, Peigh, who performed his breakout track ‘Answering Phone’ alongside some incredible visuals.


To find out more about Accept & Proceed new platform keep an eye out for our upcoming article with the studio.

As is always the case with Glug each presentation offered a unique point of view of the creative individuals and studios who gave them, along with some much need food and drinks. Our hope is that everyone left feeling a little more inspired, a little less hungry, and a little more drunk than when they entered the building. At the very least we can now all appreciate the effect a well placed GIF can have on a crowded room.

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