10th June 2019 | London
Getting stuck in at Doodle Social

While we always strive to get an awesome lineup of speakers at our events, we also want to make sure the nights are as hands-on and interactive as possible. Doodle social was no exception, and we were lucky enough to work with the awesome B&A Reps who pulled together an array of their talent we had workshops, live mural painting by Will Barras and brilliant AR gifs by INSA.

Walking into the venue the first workshop Gluggers came across was being led by the typography, animation and illustration studio, Rude, who were also celebrating their 20th anniversary on the night! Best known for the bright, bold and direct typographic work they've crafted a corner of the industry just for themselves having worked for clients such as Apple, Paul Smith and TFL.


Rudeltd workshop - Doodle Social

Staying true to their roots the workshop consisted of collaging posters from a collection of their own work throughout the 20-year lifespan as an agency, and POSCA had our backs keeping a constant flow of supplies coming throughout the event. The aim was to generate typographic infused designs utilising whatever slogan you could think of. The only limits were your own imagination and whether the glue stick you were using ran out.


Rudeltd workshop - Doodle Social

In the next room, Shotopop were busy leading their GIF workshop on Microsofts surface pro computers. Having already developed a suite of templates for Gluggers to draw on top of, the premise was simple, to illustrate each frame in whatever way you desired and watch the magic unfold! Shotopop being known as experts in this style of animation it was great to see everybody dive in head first and really try and get to grips with the process and produce some very creative outcomes.


GIFS from Shotopop workshop - Doodle Social

Later in the night things went off-piste with Ryan Todd organising a battle off. Five themes are shouted out at random and participants were given 30 seconds to draw the five illustrations on the same canvas. The winner was then decided by anybody who happened to be watching. Nothing like a friendly bit of competition to bring the best out of everyone.


Microsoft Surface x Shotopop workshop - Doodle Social


Microsoft Surface x Shotopop workshop - Doodle Social

Alongside the workshops, the wonderful Will Barras created live mural art utilising his fluid, distinct and colourful style. Taking inspiration from the way attendees had decorated postcards given out on the night, his piece gradually evolved leaving an abstract and dynamic final form for everybody to enjoy for the remainder of the event.

At glug we don't like leaving out guests with empty stomachs and we take pride in making sure it doesn't happen. We made sure there was plenty of Pizza to go around on the night, free of charge, to make sure everyone attending was fully fuelled and ready to get involved.


FREE PIZZA! - Doodle Social

Thanks to everybody that attended on the night. If you want to see what else we have coming up just check out our latest events, follow us on social and make sure to bring all your friends!

We're always looking for new city hosts and speakers. If you want to get involved or have something to share with the creative world get in touch and let's make it happen!

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