13th June 2019 | London
Encode Festival - Stories from Data

In the 21st Century, stories can be told in any way, in many places using many different mediums. There is however one form which is becoming more and more common as the years pass by and that is the use of Data.

With London Design Festival 2019 fast approaching, Encode, set up by Hem Patel, co-founder of the data design studio Signal Noise, and Piero Zagami, co-founder's of the data visualisation zine Market Cafe Magazine, is set to be a two-day festival, held at the Oval Space and Pickle Factory in the heart of East London, exploring the intersection of data design, journalism and education.


Oval Space - Encode Festival

More than 30 practitioners from across the globe, including educators, and leaders in the field, will engage, share and debate the way we read and interact with data. The aim? To bring the creative community together to share and explore the future of data-driven stories and to inspire a new generation of data practitioners by allowing them to connect, learn and experience the journeys that others have gone through.


Speaker Lineup - Encode Festival

Back in 2017,  both Hem and Piero met at a data visualisation meet-up in London, called “Data Rave” which Piero was co-organising. Since then, they have worked on a number of collaborative projects while also attending conferences, events and continuing to learn and have conversations around what could be improved. 

When speaking about the reasoning behind the festival they responded with,

"We are both passionate about the way visualising and experiencing data is changing, and we believe the community is changing too. So we started tinkering with the idea of creating a new, London-based event that can match the excitement and the breadth of things we’d like to see and experience at a data visualisation festival."


Workshops - Encode Festival

At its core, Encode is a multi-track event, hosted in cool and modern venues to showcase inspiring and cutting-edge techniques of visualising data. 

Expect an amazing and diverse line-up of speakers, a non- conventional set of talks (including screenings and live performances), engaging activities in the breakout spaces, and the possibility to connect with peers and speakers all along the way.


Schedule - Encode Festival

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