27th October 2021 |
Become a Glug Host!

Hey Gluggers, 

We’ve got ambitious plans for Glug to be bigger, more diverse and better than ever.  

We’ve got ambitious plans for to be bigger, even better, more diverse and more inclusive of all areas of creativity. Here at Glug, we want nothing more than to meet creatives worldwide, support them, learn stuff and have a lots of fun in the process.

That’s why we are launching a global call for hosts to join the Glug family! We want to open up even more cities and meet new hosts that will showcase creative life in their city. We believe creativity is everywhere and in the most unexpected places - so any city has the opportunity to become a Glug city!  

Are you a creative individual willing to extend your network? An agency of people passionate about the industry? A group of pals who just want to have a good time? You can most definitely become a part of our brilliant family of hosts. If that sounds like something you'd like to get involved with, get a read on.


What do I need to run a Glug chapter?

First of all, you’ll need a hot line-up of speakers. We put no restrictions on who can talk at a Glug chapter, as long as their work celebrates creativity and they have a story people would love to hear about! Since 2007, we’ve had an awesome variety of people gracing our stages across the globe! Check out the name-drops here. We’re all about finding creativity in unexpected places, so the sky's the limit.

Of course, you’ll need a venue. We’ve popped up on rooftops in Beijing, breweries in Austin, skate parks in London, co-working spaces in New York & swimming pools in Amsterdam... to name just a few!



What’s in it for me?

Not only will you have access to an awesome global network of creatives, makers and doers - you’ll become a creative champion in your own local scene, meet like-minded creatives and be an advocate for what you believe in. Hosting your own Glug chapter means you’ll get to invite your fave designers, admired animators and role model directors – down to speak at your event, plus you’ll support junior creatives at the start of their career. 

Above all, if you join the crew, you’ll be part of the Glug Family. We want to support you and hope that our collaboration will open doors for you professionally and personally.


Ok, but I have so many other questions!

Then have a look at our on-boarding guide or even better, get in touch with Eve our Community Manager. We’ll run you through everything 👌

Check out our Glug Host Pack


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