11th January 2018 |
Wanna speak at Glug?

Here at Glug HQ we're very fortunate to each year receive heaps and heaps of amazing speaker applications. They usually come with a whole host of questions – so we've put together this Q&A for you to peruse, and at the end you'll find the Speaker Application Form

Here goes...

What topics does Glug events cover? 
Here at Glug our ambition and our mantra is to 'celebrate creativity'. This allows our speakers to cover a wealth of topics, gives our events and programming a rich variety and generally keeps the event series wide and eclectic. Anything and everything that touches our mantra is OK to bring to a Glug stage :-) 

What is the process of enlisting speakers locally?
Usually our hosts are very good at outsourcing speakers and planning in advance when it comes to their yearly programs. But saying that there's always changes and hiccups along the ways so never hesitate to reach out to us or use the below form to make yourself known as a potential speaker – if they see an editorial fit they usually find a way to enlist you in the line-ups.

Do I have to be an experienced speaker?
Nope. All we ask of you is that you're up for the challenge to entertain and hold the attention for about 200-1000 Gluggers (size depends on location and event specs). We generally say that Glug events and our audiences are the perfect mix of a super casual yet very attentive and engaged crowd. We always try and make our events feel relaxed, inclusive and fun. Oh, and, we serve beers & wines instead of coffees and teas – something that always pierces the bubble of pressure for both the audience and the speakers.

How long is a speaking gig?
This varies a lot depending on the chapter and city. In London a standard speaking gig is about 15–20 minutes but it can vary from anywhere between 10–40 minutes. 

Where do I apply?
You apply by filling in this short & sweet form:
Glug Speaker Application Form 2018

What happens next?
The HQ share the information with the appropriate hosts and if they see an editorial fit for their programs they'll be in touch. 

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