4th April 2018 |
Say hi to Kiwi gray!


We’re welcoming Kiwi Gray into the Glug Family! Throughout the year we’ll be championing their skills by supporting a series of ‘New Business Breakfast Roundtable’ events hosted by the team for agency owners.

So, we wanted to get to know the team a little better by asking them a couple of Qs…


Why did you choose to support Glug?

Glug felt right for us to partner with because as a brand we stand for bravery and authenticity. The Glug brand is exciting, working with some incredible creative talent and businesses. We like that they want to create a movement, they’re ambitious, aspirational as well as being informal and down to earth. It’s a partnership we hope will lead to many great things between us and the businesses we can help along the way.

So, tell us a little more about Kiwi Gray and what you’re about...

We’ve found that sometimes creative people struggle with new business. It isn’t so bad when you’re a creative within another organisation as someone else will do this for you but what happens when you inevitably leave that agency that’s holding you back and go it alone?  What happens when you can’t just do creative work, but you come up against a whole host of business challenges.

We believe this challenge is heightened by the scientific theory of left brain/right brain. Whilst we have no doubt which side of your brain is more dominant, the question is, what will enable you to create the incredible creative work and business that you have set out to achieve?

Recently we heard a great quote from an entrepreneurial podcast, that said: “The sacrifice of business success is structure”.

You leave a job longing for the freedom to do it your way, pumped to challenge the status quo… the bureaucracy, the time sheets and set out to do your own way!  A few years later you look around, there’s no structure or processes, no time sheets, no new business plan, no staff roadmaps… people start leaving and cash flows an issue.

Reality check. 

‘You can’t have your cake and eat it’.

Or can you?

We want to help you by taking away some of that new business stress and lack of knowledge around how to grow an agency, so that you can focus on being creatively brilliant. However, before we can do that, you need to accept the following rules:

1. New business is not the role or responsibility of one person.
You cannot hire one agency or one person to fix it.  New Business is a culture that is created through effective leadership. A leader who is steering the ship, inspiring others and constantly pushing to achieve the business vision.

2. New business is hard work.

This is the nature of business and sales that you must accept. You will have to dig deep to find that inner strength to keep going, no matter what.

3. There is a lot of boring, monotonous, process stuff that will underpin everything you do. Think of it like the foundations of building a house or the cogs that turn behind the beautiful watch face. You might be the best forward thinking creative person out there, but unless you get to grips with data, CRM systems, attending events, PR, content, partnerships, social media, emails, pitches and numbers… your business will struggle to grow the way you wish.

So, how can you get involved with us, so that we can help you?

We have two options:

1. Kiwi Gray- our core consultancy, where you’ll work with a hands-on, experienced and talented new biz professional to shape your agency positioning, build you a formidable new business strategy and then be there to guide you through the execution. All info here: 

2. Kiwi Black - a new business programme with a more ‘DIY’ approach.  There are three levels to choose from; you sign up for a year and we take you through the same bullet-proof methodology but you learn at your pace through a series of workshops, masterclasses and online webinars. All info here: 

Because we love the Glug Community, we’re offering 10% discount on Kiwi Gray packages and first month free for Kiwi Black memberships.

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