12th April 2018 |
Introducing Easle


We've got some epic news to share with you lot... We've basically teamed up with the awesome team behind creative freelance disruptors — Easle.


So, what is Easle and what are they up to? Here's how they explain it... 

We’re ex-freelance, ex-ad agency, ex-music industry - and we’ve all seen how the current hiring system isn't working for anyone - so we're on a mission to make it better.

Basically we’re calling bullshit to how creative talent is being found and hired. On star ratings to grade talent, on selling off time by the hour, on working for free, on flogging your time and jobs on social media. But most importantly, we’re calling time on quality being a secondary consideration to the lowest price. We believe in the value of good craft - and the value of tech as a solution for discovering, briefing and paying talent.

Every creative on Easle is hand selected by our team of amazing ambassadors like ustwo co-founder Mills and D&AD Next Photographer judge Rebecca McClelland. And to ensure our top quality talent is getting top quality work - we vet our clients too. Then our payment and management systems take care of the boring bits - letting you get on with doing what you do best: creating great stuff.

Awesome, eh? We think so! 


So, why did Easle want to partner with Glug and what will they bring to the table?

Because we can't change freelancing without the industry's hottest talent - and where better to find that than at Glug? We're constantly inspired by the amazing stuff you're all doing and can't wait to start meeting you all... we'll be the excited ones at the front!

Come and meet the team at our upcoming Glug London events, or get in touch with Fran if you'd like to know more details: 

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