30th January 2018 |
Glug Profiles: Scott Morrison

Scott! So good to have you back here in Glug World... We've missed you! Anyway... How's things? You having a fab week so far? Great fun – in Russia atm, they say there’s no such thing as bad weather which is great considering we’ve had sleet, snow and gales this week!

What! Russia!? Amazing... Just to kick off with – for those Gluggers who’ve never heard of you: who are you, where are you from, and what do you do? Elevator pitch, go! I’m Scott Morrison (aka Scott the Boom!), a Northerner (from Blackpool) a passionate problem solver and I’m the Founder and Bringer of the Boom!


Cool. And, how did you end up doing what you’re doing now?
 I went to University at York to do English Language and Linguistics. I had no idea what I was going to do when I left but with a pocketful of dreams and a head full of magic, I created a list of possible careers. I rejected law (too boring) and journalism (can’t remember why) and, after going to a milk-round talk from Saatchi and Saatchi, fell in love with advertising.

After a long stint of living the ‘Nothing is Impossible’ culture, I moved to Wieden and Kennedy to head up part of the Nike business. My desire though was to work Client side and really understand the nuts and bolts of business at creative brands and I got my first chance at a client role with Levi’s.

We did some great work relaunching the brand and making it relevant to our pioneering, young audience. We created ‘Levi’s Ones to Watch, a grass roots music programme that won a Campaign Media award and reinforced our female business by partnering with the Elle Style Awards.

I was then headhunted to work in one of my passions, gaming. As Marketing Director for Activision, won BAFTAs for Call of Duty and had great fun launching Guitar Hero on an unsuspecting world. After winning game of the year for Guitar Hero, I realised just how big gaming was about to become; it had shifted from being a niche, slightly nerdy hobby to mainstream social fun.

My last role was as Marketing and Commercial Director for Diesel. This was great fun – we created Be Stupid, Studio Africa, Diesel U Music radio and the biggest ever pop up store in Regent Street. We were always encouraged to be Brave and never more so than when the recession originally hit. We were one of the only brands who decided not to sell more stuff to people who were worried about their jobs abd financial situation – rather, we celebrated the recession and used all of our marketing money to give Diesel lovers something back – free events, parties and interactive experiences that helped them live successfully.

Having learnt from some of the world’s most brilliant creative and commercial minds, I distilled my unique experiences and launched my company, the Boom! We work with ambitious leaders to help them unblock old ways of thinking, unlock new insights, ideas and initiatives and unleash their people behind a vision to deliver the Boom! In their business. We work with brands like Red Bull, Channel 4, MediaCom, Starbucks and Absolut. I’m also co-founder of ThinkSprint, a platform that connects some of the world’s most brilliant experts to client challenges to unlock solutions faster and cheaper than existing tools.


Oh, wow... What a journey!

In practicality then - what does your job entail on a daily basis? Do you have anything along the lines of a ‘standard day’ or would you say most of your days are varied? 
I don’t think I’ve ever had a standard day in my career – the minute that happens, I’d better be in a coffin!

I work on such varied projects all over the world that every day is different. I could be speaking in Serbia or creating in Croydon. I spend time mentoring and coaching which means I meet some incredibly bright people who keep me on my toes.

That sounds great as it's always nice to be able to have a varied work schedule!  What would you say is the best part of your job, then? What makes you tick the most? Seeing people truly unleash the Boom in themselves or their businesses – when someone really gets results or their team deliver things they never thought possible, THAT’S when I am most satisfied

And if you’d have to name someone who’ve had a significant influence on yourself and your life, who would this be? My mum has had the most influence on my life. Affectionately know as ‘Mama Boom!’ she taught me that hard work, belief in yourself and staying true to your roots are the most important things in the whole world.

Now that's some stellar advice from Mama Boom! Ok, so... In 10 years time, where do you see yourself in the industry and what have you hopefully accomplished in the next decade? By 2028, I want to have impacted over 1 million people with the Boom! movement. That can be via one to ones, my online platform or my books. I want people to feel the power of unblocking, unlocking and unleashing new ways of living creatively to really enhance themselves, their teams, their businesses and their lives. 

And to spin further on the notion of ‘the future’... What is the one area in technology and science that you’re most excited about and why? I am fascinated by idea creation and how we as a species continue to think through the real challenges that face us in the future. I’m therefore excited about platforms, like ThinkSprint, that bring together people with huge domain expertise, plug them into challenges and create solutions at rapid speed. This is the future of problem solving and will change the way knowledge is shared and actioned in real time.

Say you’re having a bad day, or running low on inspiration, what would be your number 1 tip to back into the swing of things again? I’m a Director of Street Wisdom, a movement that gets people out into the streets and tunes them into the inspiration that is around us all daym every day. Therefore, I do my own mini version if I need an inspiration kick up the arse! I always find something powerful to put me back on track.


Ah, I've been to a Street Wisdom session with David and it literally changed my life! Anyway... Hehe... Let’s end with a dreamy question, shall we? If you could swap job with –anyone- in the world, who would this be and why? Columbo – I love his style of interrogation and his ‘just one more thing’ whammy! 

Haha, love it. Ok, and last but not least... Please fill in the below with a link, name or quote:

o   Best book on career/personal development: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
o   Best book on business: Blackbox Thinking by Matthew Syed
o   Best website for inspiration: Brain pickings
o   Best podcast I’ve listened to recently: Anything on Casefile
o   Best piece of advice I’ve ever been given: “Give everyone 5 minutes” – Marvin Gaye
o   I’d like to see a profile on: Pip Jamieson

Thank you so much for your time, Scott!


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