29th January 2018 | Leeds
Glug Profiles: Chloe & Abigail Baldwin

Hi ladies! How are you? Good start to the year so far? So far, 2018 has been throwing a lot at us! The momentum has built from the end of last year, so it’s certainly a juggling act. One we love though! No day is the same and that’s especially true for January.


Oh, busy busy from the get-go I hear! Let's rewind a little... For those Gluggers who’ve never heard of you: who are you, where are you from, and what do you do? We are Chloe and Abigail Baldwin, a creative twin-team based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Together we produce fun and friendly visuals under the name of Buttercrumble. We love creating graphic design and illustration with an ethos of making others smile!

A creative twin-team... Love it! How did you guys end up pursuing this? What’s the story here? Ever since we can remember, we have loved to draw. As children, we’d illustrate together at the kitchen table, imagining crazy scenes inspired by our favourite books and cartoons. It only seemed natural that we’d develop this love at college and then university. In 2016, we graduated from the University of Leeds, both with a degree in Graphic & Communication Design. It was soon after that we began working full-time on our creative studio. However, it was back in 2012 that the concept of Buttercrumble first formed. After sharing our work online under different usernames as teenagers, we figured that it made more sense to join together as a super-synced team. Over the course of 5 years, we studied, grew in confidence and built a clientbase which became the foundation for our business. Since then it’s been fullsteam ahead.


And as kids, did you always dream of working in the creative industry? Yes! We feel so fortunate that we’ve been able to grow our hobby into a career. It’s what we’ve always focussed on achieving.

That's great to hear. Have you guys had anyone who you'd say have had a significant influence on yourself and your work? As designers, we find inspiration everywhere. You just have to keep an eye out for it! If we had to mention specific people, Charley Harper, Paul Rand and Mary Blair offer huge visual influences. Much of our work has been enthused by design from the mid-20th century.

Yeah, they've had great influence on a lot of people I'd dare to say. Good choices.  Alright, so, this is always a charged question, but with your hands on your hearts… Do you love what you do? What is the best part? The best part of our job is being able to create something new each day from scratch. There is something exciting about staring at a blank page and visualising the endless opportunities. The only thing holding us back at any time is lack of imagination or skill, which is why we practise every day. The challenges make the successes even more rewarding. We LOVE it!

Good stuff. And, in 10 years time, do you see yourself doing the same thing as you are today, or are you hoping to evolve into another practice or try another area of the creative industry? In 10 years time, we hope to see growth in our personal development, skill and the business. It would be brilliant to grow our team and share Buttercrumble’s ethos and values with more people. If we can continue to help people with the aid of design and illustration, we’ll be satisfied. A lot can happen in 10 years – so let’s motor on and see what we can achieve.


If you were to give ‘your younger self’ some advice relating to the first couple of years in the industry, what would that be? Don’t sweat the small stuff! Use that energy to focus on your designs. Worrying can spoil productivity and we’re all guilty of it. If you do find your anxiety is affecting your work, maybe it’s time for a time-out? Go and treat yourself.

If you’re having a bad day, or running low on inspiration, what would be your number 1 tip to back into the swing of things again? Like we’ve mentioned, have a time-out. If you’re in the middle of designing something and you find that all you are doing is moving things around endlessly whilst worrying, then take a break. Fresh eyes and a chipper mind can work a world of wonders.

Yeah, time-outs are great advice. So important to switch off every now and again... If we go a little bit dreamy – if you could swap job with –anyone- in the industry, who would this be and why? We’d love to work as Orla Kiely for a day. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to design a range of surfaces from handbags, to clothing, to homewares to even a car? Orla also had a love for mid-century modern so our style preferences definitely align.

Ah, that'd be an amazing experience, I'm a big fan of Orla too. Ok, and last but not least! Please fill in the below:

o   Best book on creativity: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert    o   Best book on careers or business: Jo Malone: My Story
o   Best website for inspiration: Pinterest
o   A dream client: Tate Modern
o   Best piece of advice I’ve ever been given: What’s meant for you won’t pass you by.
o   I’d like to see a profile on: Matthew Knight of

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