4th February 2018 |
Futureheads: Our take on Collaboration

Our fabulous Glug UK Recruitment Partners Futureheads are reflecting on this week's theme 'Collaboration is King' ahead of the coming Glug London event...

Collaboration is at the heart of how we work at Futureheads. It’s one of our core values as a business (alongside learning, ethics, process, knowledge and fun), and it’s something that we work hard to put into practice every day. Long story short, we love a bit of collaboration.

Recruitment is all about building relationships - with our clients, our candidates, our partners, and each other. After nine years of developing these relationships, we know that collaboration is absolutely crucial to success.

Here are our top tips for getting collaboration right, and making sure that everyone is happy.

Get to know each other. As they say, knowledge is power. Do your research, and be open about how you work, what's important to you, and how you will be evaluating success. Understanding this from the start of a relationship puts you in the best possible position going forward.

There is no such thing as a stupid question. In the world of digital, things can change fast. Ask questions along the way, and make sure everyone understands each stage of the process. This help avoids duplication and confusion and reduces the risk of any oversights.

Keep your eye on the prize. Recruitment requires spinning a lot of plates, and one distraction can be a problem. Setting clear deadlines and expectations for all parties removes any ambiguity and makes sure everyone knows what to expect, and when to expect it.

Keep the lines of communication open. We speak to hundreds of people each day over different channels at different points of the recruitment process. We also work across different applicant tracking systems in use by our clients, and conversations can move across a phone call, a follow-up email, and then onto a trello board and back to email in a few minutes. Taking a bit of time to understand what process is going to work best for your partner, and what they can expect when can save a whole load of headaches. 

Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Be honest about mistakes. They happen, no matter how good you are. Working together is easy when it’s all going to plan, but a relationship is tested when mistakes are made. Addressing a mistake directly, and demonstrating what you've done to fix it, and avoid it happening again is the best way to keep things moving forward, even if things haven't gone to plan.

Say thank you. A true collaboration means that everyone is helping everyone else deliver value, and acknowledging this is always a good idea.

Every relationship is different, but we've found that great partnerships always have collaboration at their heart. Sharing the work means sharing the rewards - which I hope you'll agree, is definitely a great way to work. Here at Futureheads, we have developed a unique shared commision scheme, that means we can reward everyone who played a role in our success, from our timesheets guru through to our managing consultant.

If you're interested in finding out more about our values here at Futureheads, head on over to our careers page, or say hello at

Originally posted here, words by the lovely Liz

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