27th January 2018 |
Content Call-out

Hi Gluggers,

We really hope your 2018 is off to a grand start so far, and that you've got many exciting plans popping up in the next few months... 

Here at Glug it's full steam ahead and we can't wait to see what 2018 will bring our way, where the network will travel, who we'll have the opportunity to listen to in the different chapters and what companies we'll bring in under the Glug Family umbrella. It's safe to say that good stuff is on it's way to Glug World! 

As always our focus will be to join the dots between our different Glug Chapters and we're going to have a rolling call-out for editorial content from all of our Gluggers this year. So, what does that mean you might ask? Well...

Got something we can share? 
If you've already written a killer blog piece or article that relates to one of our Editorial Principles then we'd love to get our hands on it. Not only do we have a great blog (if we may say so ourselves) we also know that we have some stellar minds in and around the Glug Network so we're super sure that there's a whole host of great content waiting to be shared... 

What's our Editorial Principles, then?
We've got 3 focusses when it comes to all of our content and they are:

1) My Creative City
We want to hear about some of the most interesting creative cities and places. The hidden places and spaces from people on the ground. 

2) Creative Inspiration
Quite simply we’re after amazing stories, creative content to inspire us in our day to day life. We are in search of both global & hyper local creative trends.

3) Making it in the Industry 
Glug is there to help people on their career journey from university or higher education through to becoming business owners or senior creative leaders. We want to discover and report on insights, tips and interviews from creative heroes around the world.

Would you like to write something for us? 
We've got a few new openings for Editors at Large. What we require of our editors are quite simple and on a monthly basis: 1 piece of long-form content, 1 interview with an industry figure, 10 links to fresh and inspiring creative content. We can't offer much in contribution but will reimburse expenses of up to £100 per month. If you're up for the gig give us a nudge on

What is the aim of your Glug Profiles series, and how do I get involved? 
With this series we're hoping to shine some light on all sorts of creatives, makers, doers and cool cats from all walks of life and from all corners of the industry. They're based on a  questionnaire but are by no means set in stone when it comes to the format. If you fancy getting involved and get one published on yourself then hit us up on 


What are you waiting for, eh? ;-) Send us your best bits, introduce yourself, get involved with writing for us or send this onwards and forwards! 

Glug HQ

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