18th August 2017 |
Projects We Like: Spared

After our Glug x WeTransfer event, Steve Whapshott left feeling inspired to kick start his passion project: Spared! We caught up with him to see what really spurred him on.

Twitter: @stevewhapshott, @goodfromyou
Instagram: @sparedmc

Hi Steve! How’s it going? You having a good week so far?
Yes, great thank you!

For those Gluggers who’ve never heard of you, who are you and what do you do? How did you end up doing what you’re doing now? 

I'm a freelance creative director working mainly on brand experience projects. Bringing design and art direction experience to create new identities, campaigns or products. I also run GoodFromYou, an inspiration studio that shares great creative from around the world - always in appreciation of the people behind the ideas.

So, we know that you attended the Glug x WeTransfer event in London with the topic 'Passion Projects'… Was that your first Glug event or have you been to other Glug events before?

I've been to Glug events before back when they were at Cargo. I'm always a fan of getting along to hear from creative people in the industry - it's a great source of inspiration and gets you away from your desk with a beer in hand. I'm always on the look out for creative talent and great projects too which we often feature on GoodFromYou.

What was the number one take away from the night in your eyes? 

It was great to see people working towards something they were really passionate about. Something personal to them that isn't driven by clients or budgets. It's the simple love of the idea. As somebody that likes to spend time working on my own ideas, it's great to see others doing the same.

We know that you started a new Passion Project after having attended the event… Can you tell us a little bit more about “Spared”?

Yes. The project has actually been playing away in the background for a number of years until the Glug event gave me a kick up the arse to publish it! 


I describe Spared as 'a visual story of industrial graphic design from motorcycling history'. For a number of years I've been collecting motorcycle parts and documenting graphics found in the world of vintage motorcycles. Parts often found rummaging around in old sheds, garages, museums and auto-jumbles across the country. These often over-looked or miscellaneous items form an untold story of industrial graphic design in motorcycle machinery, from oil caps to oil cans, badges to branding, engraved type to event tickets. The project is an effort to share the graphics spared from the deterioration of time and revive for design inspiration today. 

Why motorcycles? A passion of yours?

I've always been involved with motorcycles. Following in my dad's footsteps I used to race bikes, though these days have retired to own an old Royal Enfield Bullet. We love the old British bikes. They aren't the most reliable (probably explains why so much time is spent looking for parts) but there's something beautiful about the design and story behind them. I guess this is how the project came about. Appreciating the craft that went into designs that often get over-looked today.

What does the future hold for Spared? What would you love it to take shape as?

Part of the original idea behind the project is for these old, forgotten designs to be given a new purpose. It's early days right now and I'm interested to see how people react to the project before deciding the next move, but my initial thought was for the project to generate awareness around prostate cancer and do some good in the world. I like the idea of these designs that have survived being given a new purpose to help spare men's lives from the big C. It's a charity close to my heart and something I think can be given more awareness in motorcycle and design communities around the world.

Are there any opportunities for other motorcycle fanatic Gluggers to get involved or help you out with Spared?

Absolutely. I'm always keen to collaborate and explore new opportunities. There aren't too many bikers in my creative network so if you have an interest in the old classics, hit me up!

Ok, so a final question, who would you love to hear speak at a Glug stage in 2018?

I'd love to hear from Dare Jennings, the guy that founded Deus Ex Machina (and the surf brand Mambo back in the 80's). His vision has defined a new direction in motorcycle and surf culture, along with the artwork of Carby Tuckwell. I'm sure he has some interesting stories to share with the creative community.

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