25th August 2017 |
Say Hi To: Nick Entwistle

We're kicking off our Glug Editors at Large with a little brief intro with our chosen ones; meet Nick Entwistle from One Minute Briefs! Keep an eye out for his upcoming articles.



Agency Twitter: @TweetsbyTrunk
Instagram: _WhatTheBook_

First of all… big up and congrats for being one of the very first Editors at Large ever to have been chosen in the history of Glug (hehe). How does it feel? You stoked?
Let me just look up what stoked means... ah yes I'm euphoric! Great to be part of an interesting group of people and looking forward to getting started.

For those Gluggers who've never heard of you, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Nick Entwistle and I'm the Creative Director at Trunk, who are an engagement content agency the work within film, gaming and interactives. I also run One Minute Briefs which is a social media based user generated content platform, where creatives can connect and inspire each other. I do creative talks at various universities and industry events, as well as hosting my own events for One Minute Briefs. I also run @AgencyQuotes alongside Vikki Ross. This has become a popular Twitter feed that is a place where the creative industry can share all the #ThingsYouHearInAgencies 

Could you tell us a bit more about how you ended up doing what you’re doing now? How did you get there and what have you been up to before that? 

I was better at academic subjects than creative subjects back in high school. However, I decided to go to college to do Graphic Design (much to the horror of my tutors who were pushing me to go onto Cambridge etc). I made the decision because it's something that interested me and I liked coming up with ideas and making them happen. I the went on to University to do the same subject with more of a focus on advertising and the course was brilliant. Although it was small, they pushed us to always do better ideas and work hard in preparation with the reality of industry.They also made sure we went out to see people in industry and show them our portfolios. This feedback made sure we were industry ready before we left. I feel more universities should do that as I see graduates leaving and then thinking about what they want to do and end up being left behind.
I got a job as a copywriter working alongside an art director in a creative team. This allowed me to use my writing skills from school and bring my ideas to life for great brands like Vimto and Subway. After our first job, we moved onto McCann Manchester, where we delivered big brand campaigns before moving on to separate freelance roles where I worked at the likes of Leith, Big Brand Ideas, McCann Birmingham and Propaganda. Off the back of one of my freelance roles I joined Magnafi as Creative Director and have spent the last couple of years working predominantly in film including creating the music video and social campaign that helped the NHS to beat Justin Bieber to Xmas. No.1. And, in the past couple of weeks, I have started my next challenge as Creative Director at Trunk. With 3 shoots already completed, I'm looking forward to creating some great work that will help us grow and make us famous.


Tell us something that no one knows about you…
I have Trypophobia. And I used to play for Man City.

When you started out in the industry, what would be the one thing that you wish you knew?

Nothing. I like to keep learning new things every day. That's the great thing about this job... you're never in your comfort zone. 

So, maybe an obvious question, but, why Glug? What was it that made you apply?

Saw the tweet. Got in touch. I have collaborated with Glug previously and I'm interested to see what we can do together in the future, starting with creating some interesting articles.

What will you be covering for us? (Don’t go into too much details here, just a little overview!)

I'll be sharing my views on creativity in the industry, education and beyond. As well as talking about some of my own experiences.

Ok, and the final question… If you could choose anyone in the world, who would you wish to see on a Glug stage in 2018?

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