29th August 2017 |
Say Hi To: Hayden Peek

We're kicking off our Glug Editors at Large with a little brief intro on our chosen ones; meet Hayden Peek! Keep an eye out for his upcoming articles.


Twitter: @NARSTI
Instagram: @Creator_Hayden

First of all… big up and congrats for being one of the very first Editors at Large ever to have been chosen in the history of Glug (hehe). How does it feel? You stoked?
Scary. In a good way.

For those Gluggers who’s never heard of you, who are you and what do you do?
Hayden Peek. Freelance Creative. London. I’ve recently worked at Iris Worldwide, 72andSunny, SapientNitro (Now SapientRazorfish) and We Are Social. Clients include: Red Bull, Adidas, Habito, Toyota WRC, HSBC and YouTube.

I like...
Kurt Russell // Blade Runner // Morricone // Orson Welles // Tea // Nintendo // Making music // Charlie Brooker // Adam Curtis // Black Sabbath // Simon Schama // Great architecture // Lasers // The School of Life // Bass // Picasso // Problem solving // Edgar Wright // M.I.A. // Michael Marshall Smith // Douglas Adams // Gareth Edwards // 80s audio equipment // Thomas Heatherwick's UK pavilion // Heavy beats // Kubrick // Jonathan Glazer // Synthesizers // Ricky Gervais // That scene in Jaws where they share scars

I dislike…
Moaners // Unnecessary sequels that tarnish the original // Writing in the third person // Persistent software updates // No milk // Other people using my computer // Wires // Trailers for trailers // Bullshit

Could you tell us a bit more about how you ended up doing what you’re doing now? How did you get there and what have you been up to before that? 
I’ve been creative since day one. When I was young I used to draw all of the time, this led to better marks in the creative subjects at school. So I studied art and design at college and university. Moved to London to get in on the action.  

If the robots take creativity away from us, I’m over.

Tell us something that no one knows about you…
I love Take My Breath Away from Top Gun. No irony. 

When you started out in the industry, what would be the one thing that you wish you knew?
If you smell shit, look under your own shoe.

So, maybe an obvious question, but, why Glug? What was it that made you apply?
Sometimes the world forgets how important creativity is. It’s an honour to help spread Glug’s good word.

What will you be covering for us? (Don’t go into too much details here, just a little overview!)
I want to investigate how design and creative problem solving can help make society better.

Ok, and the final question… If you could choose anyone in the world, who would you wish to see on a Glug stage in 2018?
Shigeru Miyamoto.

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