6th October 2017 | London
Hi Futureheads!

Hi Gluggers,

We can finally bang the drum about our newest epic partners *drum roll*... Futureheads! They're the stars on the digital recruitment scene, and we're so pleased to have them involved starting today, October 6 2017.

Having them in our close-knit family will give endless opportunities for career climbers, job seekers and movers & shakers in the land of Glug around the UK, we've got some amazing things up our sleeves & we've invited them to come along to the next Glug London event.

Why do they want to be part of our community? We hand you over to none other than Toby Thwaites, Team Lead at Futureheads...


At Futureheads, we’re all about connecting great digital design & creative talent with equally great businesses – we like people, and we like to see people and businesses do well. If we can play a part in that, we’re extra happy, and we’re very lucky to have played a part in supporting the growth of London’s digital and tech sectors for the past eight years.

From setting up the business in 2009 with our three founders Be, Gill, and Rachel, we have grown to a team of 35 specialist consultants delivering across a number of digital disciplines that we know lots about, rather than tackling ‘a bit of everything’. To know lots about our disciplines we believe that there needs to be a deep and genuine engagement with a niche community and its issues, conversations and events so that when you talk to a Futurehead, you talk to a specialist who ‘gets’ what you do. 

So... why Glug?

Well, we’ve been active Gluggers since 2011 and have watched the team grow the Glug community to be recognised as the best place for digital designers and creatives looking to make new connections – with our interest in being a part of the community, we believe there’s no better place for us to be either. We also love partnering with nice, talented people, and from working with Nick and the Studio Output team for years we know we’ve found a great match.

We’re looking forward to engaging with the Glug community at a deeper level, and our partnership is about adding genuine value to the industry that we’re a part of – you won’t find us hovering at the bar with business cards, but you’ll know where to find us if you need us, and we’ll be producing lots of recruitment and industry content on the back of our partnership that we hope brings value for you all.

See you on the 12th….
Team Futureheads


To get in touch with Toby and his team you can email:

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