9th February 2017 | London
Glug x Deliveroo

Together with our epic partners Deliveroo we invited the best of the best product pro’s in the land. What is it like to be a designer when you’re in the product world? Things can’t just *look* nice, they need to work properly and be designed with everyone in mind. 


Next up we had Zander Brade from Monzo. Monzo is revolutionising the way people bank but it’s doing much more than that. Monzo consider people of all walks of life – people with anxiety or mental health issues. “Product design is meant to be friction free. But we’re inputting friction, because friction can help release anxiety. If you need help with your banking but you don’t want an unexpected call or want to be called back without support, Monzo lets you choose the time and medium of contact.”


We welcomed to the stage Noel Lyons, director of digital design at Barclays. Noel hates banking. When he was first approached by them, he was very adversed to the idea, but now Noel aims to help people through design, help by creating a better experience for customers like himself. AI has been around for years but Noel is looking at what it can do to help personalise the experience and to get the information gather to the customers in a way that is really useful. 

Kickpush are a product design studio. We asked founders Sam Applebee and Alex Deruette for the ins and outs of they how work together and build digital products, and all quicker than the speed of light. They are all for "express design", designing a product in just one week. Making a prototype every hour isn't easy, but it can be done, they assured us.

All the way from Amsterdam, Eelco Sempsink and Niels Van Hoorn have created Framer. Framer are trying to bridge the gap between UX and design. They showed us an extended step by step process of how to build an app and how “easy” it is to edit and preview what you are making.


Last but very much not least we had Jonny Burch from Deliveroo take to the “stage.” Deliveroo rebranded completely and the entire team worked together towards one release date. This meant uniforms, logos, social media, packaging, all in one day. “It was amazing, but intense.” Deliveroo are scaling their business through 'Love' by which they mean, they are designing a product which hungry consumers think of first, a business that makes riders love their job, and a restaurant service that makes big and small restaurants feel appreciated.

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