9th March 2017 | London
Glug VR Night

Together with our pals at Found Studio, we thought we’d do a whole night focussing on the revolutionary subject of VR. We’ve invited some of the best people in Virtual Reality around, who took us through projects, how they worked, what the struggles of VR are and what’s so great about it all.


First up we had Andre Assalino from MPC Creative. Andre took us through how the incredible and memorable John Lewis Christmas ad came to life, and what else they’ve come up with to make the experience more special. They created an in-store event where people can go in and be “inside” the ad, and engage with the animals from the video, but people on the outside could also see what they were experiencing at the time. it made for some really emotional moments, and it meant they could showcase an otherwise quite solitude VR moment.

Nick Pittom from FirePanda went a bit more technical. What IS VR actually and what are the benefits and struggles when working with it. He talked about the possibilities of VR, the depth; midground, background, the distance... and how all of them can & should be used. With this new media, what should we be doing to help the viewers? There's the issue that some people don’t want to engage, some do. We need to design for those who don’t (especially with interaction) and reward those who do.


Dorothea Rose from Third Channel talked about her 360 project for BBC and what VR should be to her. Connect and make an emotional impact, get closer to the subject, step into someone else's shoes, create unbroken drama, convey an intense emotion, experience something other wordly and maybe most revolutionary – to put yourself in someone else's shoes. In VR, you're not watching, you're experiencing.


Analog are best known for their revolutionary work on the Bjork VR experience. Arvid Niklasson took us step by step on how this amazing experiment came alive and what it was like working with multi-talented Bjork. It was very important you could see it was bjork and it meant it needed a lot of layers for a interesting and complex look. The experiment was full of dynamic attributes so it behaves slightly different each time which meant it was ever changing over a period of 6 minutes! 


Our pals at Found Studio were last, with Marcus Moresby taking to the stage. Marcus delved into the personal reasons why he loves VR and how he has grown up to love it. They try to create experiences with a twist, his idea of hell is an entire room of people, not engaging, with headsets on. For their Havana Club project, you went through an entire room, a maze as it were, and at the end of it you got an actual cocktail. It gives the VR experience an extra level. His top tips were, tailor your experience to your audience, and remember – you CAN'T do everything yourself! 

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