20th February 2017 | Manchester
Glug Manchester Presents February Recap

“Organising no Glug event is ever the same, I think that is why I enjoy it so much. It is an event for the creative sector, hosted by creatives with the aim of inspiring an audience.” Kat Burrow, Marketing Manager at FARM Digital a web design agency who have constructed a reputation of building websites for organisations that fight for a good cause.

Thursday 9th February saw FARM Digital host the first SOLD OUT Glug Manchester event, with support from sponsors High Cloud Solutions. Let’s take a re-cap over the evening.

Matt Geeling, Head of Motion at Fuzzy Duck, I was introduced to Matt by Steve Swanborough who spoke at GlugMCR in October (you can watch his epic talk here). Matt gave us insights into new ways of viewing animation, a look that many have never had the opportunity to explore before. He broke down the steps that he and his team took to complete various projects (including how many cups of tea were drank for each project). A fantastic part of Matt’s talk was when he allowed us to take a closer look on how he brought an old painting to life.


Next taking the stage for her first ever public talk was Aymi Duignan, you wouldn’t have known this was her first ever speaking event as she effortlessly told her story about her art, entrepreneurship and business ventures that have led her to the place she is in today as she launches her new business venture ‘Easho’. From a girl who simply loved art and drawing to being recognised and commissioned to create a piece for one of the biggest pop stars in the world Rihanna. Aymi delved into her knowledge of social media and how it is a great tool to drive audience engagement and gain retention.


Sneaky Raccoon had a simple message ‘Do and make work that you love’ it is a mantra that has shaped the way in which she works including the strict guideline of projects taken on through to sharing the importance of her work/life balance. Sneaky also very amusingly took us through the different work personas other people believe that she has and some of the great work she has done with her unique style for the likes of Nike Parkrun and Wateraid.


JamesPoP rounded off the evening for us in great style and energy. His distinctive illustrations set the tone for his talk including touching upon staying true to who you want to be and not even letting the big brands change the style that you have adopted through fear.

An epic moment where is squeezed years of work into a short clip that sparked creativity in the minds of everyone attending.


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