5th May 2017 | Manchester
Glug Manchester #5

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Based around a series of talks and informal networking, Glug has become one of the most exciting, credible and well-attended creative events around. Our very own Alex, Marcus and Heidi from Monitor attended the last event in the Northern Quarter, and left uplifted and inspired! Here’s what they learned...

“Designing for Children at the BBC” – Callum Peters
Reviewed by Alex Ashman, Senior Designer

What was the focus of Callum’s talk
In his talk, Callum homed in on the importance of user testing in design. He touched on the value the BBC gets out of co-creation and designing their apps with children, rather than just for them.

How do the BBC use co-creation?

Callum took us through a recent case study in which his team utilised the imaginative doodles of children and turned them into new characters for a game.

What kept you engaged throughout the talk?
I loved Callum’s use of visuals. Being able to see such an array of behind the scenes art and designs was really inspiring and showcased jsut how much work goes into every BBC project!

If you took one thing away from Cullum’s session, what was it?

Whenever possible, try and carry out even the most basic of user testing!

“The importance of emerging technology for breakthrough brands” – Alex Mellor
Reviewed by Marcus Barretto, Designer

What key topics did Alex touch on in his talk?

His focus was on emerging technologies such as chat bots, virtual reality and augmented reality.

Why do you think these technologies are so popular at the moment?

Currently we’re seeing a huge trend for maximising the customer experience, and such technologies are the perfect way to achieve this.

Why do you think chat bots are so popular?

As customers, we’re becoming lazy and expecting more from brands. Take the Tommy Hilfiger chat bot for instance; it learns the customers shopping habits and recommends items, just like a personal shopper.

What’s your key takeaway from the session
Although robots appear to be taking over the world, their work lacks the creativity and originality of human design. It’s nice to know my job is safe... for now.

“Tricks of a sole trader” – Jane Bowyer
Reviewed by Heidi Nagaitis, Senior Account Managerscreenshot20170404at15.49.24.png#asset:2

Which topics did Jane touch on in her talk?
Jane, a prominent Manchester designer, spoke from the heart, highlighting her journey from in-house designer to freelancer over the last year.

Why was this a powerful subject to raise?

I think a lot of creatives across the city yearn for the freedom of freelancing, but many find it a difficult transition. It can feel risky leaving friends, colleagues and a guaranteed pay cheque at the end of the month behind.

Why was Jane’s talk different?

Jane was honest about her experiences, adding a dash of humour here and there with some beautiful empowering illustrations alongside her talk. Her passion for creativity definitely resonated with team Monitor.

How did this session leave you feeling?

With the sense that appreciating new ideas and creativity is at the heart of every good agency and that good designers always need a brew and a biscuit by their side (a Monitor speciality).

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