20th October 2017 | Leeds
Glug Host Profiles: Hannah-Natalie O'Sullivan

Full name: Hannah O’Sullivan
Job title: Director and Marketing Consultant at Consume Comms
Location: Leeds
Preferred social handles - @consumecomms / @HannahOh_No 

Hi Hannah! Y’alright mate?

So, a part from running Glug Leeds, who are you and what do you do?
By day I help businesses engage with their target audiences by being pro-active in the community both online and offline so I do things like digital marketing, PR management and event marketing.

How did you end up doing what you’re doing now, then? What’s the story of ‘you’?
I was a bit of a failed artist and last minute I bottled it and decided I couldn’t do my Art Foundation at KIAD (Kent Institute of Art and Design) and ended up on Design Management degree at DeMontfort Uni. Those that can’t design get a job that means you can boss the designers around! I loved working on live briefs and project managing the team so started up Freelancing in my final year and into my Msc Marketing. It was going OK but I realised I needed business experience so got a marketing job. I started out working in financial services marketing back in 2007, then moved into the heady world of elevators for a Bradford based Lift company as a sole marketer which was one of the best experiences of my life. It was total creative freedom in everything from the websites to national trade shows. I loved it, but after a few years needed a new challenge and wanted to move into Leeds. Fast forward a few years and I’d worked in a couple of tech based business and had a solid network in Leeds behind I realised it was now or never to break out on my own and so Consume Comms Ltd happened. Launching the business would most definitely have not happened if it wasn’t for my network people already freelancing and business owners supporting me to make the leap. My mates Matt and Josh are the reason my business exists and my best mate Jo is my constant cheerleader - you need people like them in your life!

What do you get up to when you’re not working? Got any exciting side hustles or passions to tell us about? Other than running the local Glug Chapter, that is…
I really love hearing people’s stories and helping them do more of what they love so I get involved mentoring most recently I’ve started mentoring students at Sheffield Hallam University. I also have a Wedding consultancy called the BluntBride on the side where I help brides not to be ripped off and loose their minds with event management services.

Speaking of Glug — how come you got involved in the first place? And why Glug out of all the creative communities? 
I’d been a bit of a lone wolf marketer for years and was looking for a network when I saw a post on LinkedIn from my mate James who was part of the Glug London team and asked when the Leeds event would be. Glug boss Nick Clement saw it and said ‘do you fancy giving it a go?’ This was not ideal given I didn’t have a network but I knew how to run events and market them so I agreed. Then, after a drunk tweet in response to the launch of Glug Leeds from Martin Farrar-Smith, I had a co-host and partner in crime.

Running a Glug Chapter takes time and effort, but what is the one thing that makes it all worth it in the end would you say?
Most definitely the people when you look out at the crowd and see them all  grasped listening to a speaker you know you’ve done good. Also nothing beats when you hear attendees say the event was just what they needed to give them a boost to start something new.

What’s the hardest thing about running a Glug Chapter would you say? 
Keeping momentum and creating events that resonate with the audience, it's really easier to get caught up in your own heroes and interests. It’s also really hard when you find someone you know has an amazing story and you want them to share but they're not into public speaking so we have to slowly build them up it. Usually beers are involved. 

Could you tell us about your favourite memory from a Glug event and why?
That’s tough. We’ve had so many amazing people who just left you "open-mouthed" inspired. But I think it's probably the Careers Clinic we did last year; being able to offer students and professionals one to one sessions with leading lights in the industry like Michael C Place really felt like we were doing something good and important. We had over 50 people go through that session and leave with a bit more direction and spring in their step - organising that was massively rewarding. 

If we go a bit dreamy, who are you hoping to bring to your local Glug stage in the future? 
I would love to get The Design Republic on stage for a panel Q&A. They're epically successful and from Yorkshire, it just has to happen! Notoriously private Golden have been on the list from the start as well. We’ve been pretty lucky because we launched Leeds with my favourite Elmwood and more recently had the legend that is Mr.Bingo but like a challenge. TDR we’re coming for you!

Ok, enough about Glug, let’s go back to ‘you’ again. If you were to swap job with someone else in the creative industry, who would this be and why?
Frances Morris Director of the Tate Modern, she gets to curate the most amazing art works in the world in my favourite gallery.

And… If you were given the opportunity to move anywhere without having to apply for any visa what-so-ever and we’d sort the packing for you — where would you go?
I’d go back to my roots and be on the first plane to Penang in Malaysia, their street art is world renown, it’s beautiful and the food ah the food is heaven!

Ok, and last but not least! Please give a link shout-out to 5 pieces of inspirational, or just plainly awesome, work that you’ve stumbled upon recently…
1.  I’m really into tattoo art and this guy called Elliott Wells up in the North East creates really beautiful pieces, I love his use of vibrant colour and gold accents -

2. Then two I’m stealing from another creative event I went to in Leeds an up and coming illustrator Adam who’s hilarious energy on stage nearly distracted from the work he was showcasing

3. I was really impressed by the guys behind Fresh Aire who curated an artists platform for creatives have studied in, or have practiced in the region.  They sourced Yorkshire creatives from around the world to showcase as their recent exhibition self managed and hosted by the two of them.

4. I’m strong believer prints not dead and these last two are definitely a testament to why we need to champion non-digital works. I’ve been a life long fan of Matthew Withey’s photorealistic pencil drawings and being as we studied in the same art department this might have been why I my artistic confidence was dented he’s a talent!

5. One of my favourites in Leeds for clear functional print work

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