23rd February 2017 | Berlin
Glug Berlin February Recap

Ideas are at the core of everything we do as creatives, so Glug Berlin #2 on Thursday 23rd Feb, was one of intrigue, depth and inspiration.



Between our speakers Martina Flor, Ed Macovac from Ableton and Polina Joffe, we explored how ideas are expressed visually through typography, how to work with ideas in a diverse team and delved into their own personal ideation process.

It was a corker, and here’s the recap:

Designer and Art Director Polina Joffe revealed the more intimate side of ideation, opening up her sketch book and talking through the complete ideation journey of her work. Not only did she show that ‘the process behind the work is usually not as neat as the final collateral may suggest’, but she showed how much work and thought goes into her beautiful work.

Martina Flor took our audience on a typographic tour of Berlin and her wide range of work. Pulling in familiar and new signs from around our city she told the story of how typography expresses ideas beyond that which is just written. We learned how something can be happy, loud, aggressive and whimsical all due to the choices behind each element of the letterform.


Ed Macovac is Head of Design at Ableton. He showed how the way you both express and receive ideas is vital to a happy team and a great product.

By using metaphors, Ed is able to contextualise and talk about ideas across his diverse team. They allow you to quickly use knowledge other people already have to understand your idea and then explore it.

He looked at how ideas are communicated in a team, and how by changing the way we verbalise ideas, we are able to nurture and better use them. In his example, we should respond ‘how can I help?’ not with the usual ‘did you think of…?’.



Suffice to say, it is a must watch for anyone working within a team.

Thanks to our sponsors DuraAustin Fraser and Careerfoundry.

See you at the next one,
Glug Berlin

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