7th October 2016 | Reading
Reading's Third Event

On the 6th of October 2016 Glug Reading was once again back in the Glug home formerly-known-as RYND (which have undergone a rebrand and now goes by the name Public Reading) with around 120+ Gluggers and 3 epic speakers. As always there was a great buzz in the room and lots of Notworking going on before the first speaker took to the stage...

[All photographs are taken by the epic Caroline Gratrix at]


We saw many familiar faces amongst our Reading Gluggers but also welcomed many new faces. On the night we also had the pleasure to have many of the local Glug Reading partners present including the lovely teams of HeathWallace, Opsview, ConnectTVT, No Magnolia and Austin Fraser (now official UK-partners). Always great to be surrounded by such splendid people and Gluggers! 


Antonia, one of the Glug Reading organisers, introduced the night and ran through the ever-so-important #GlugRules. On her side she had Mark Thomas from Austin Fraser who epically helped out with the MC'ing throughout the night. Before handing the microphone over to the first speaker of the night Malin from Glug HQ chatted through the aims and objectives behind Glug, she also shared what the latest news was within the global community of Glug as well as inviting everyone to come on-board and help shape the future of Glug. 


First out we then had Tim Atkins from esteemed Reading FC. He walked us through what being a social media and marketing director within a football club looks like for him – the team, the partnership side of things and the projects he gets to work on. He also shared some hero projects and insights into the most rewarding ones he's been involved in – such as launching a Carabao can into space as a part of their kit launch 2016. #CasualAF


Secondly we had the awe-inspiring Zoë Quirk from This Because who began her talk to reveal the confession she revealed for the Glug London Gluggers earlier this year – saying that she herself don't like to shop ethically. Up until recently, that is – as she now works full-time on developing her start-up business This Because. The aim for Zoë is to push the "do good" & "look good" aspects of products closer together.


Last but not least we had the empowering entrepreneur Charly Lester. She walked us through how she's managed to grow a Facebook post into a dating empire which given her all sorts of opportunities ever since. Not only did she speak about the proactive lifestyle you have to lead if you want to go solo – she also pushed on the notion of how 'claiming your expertise is vital'. Something that she actively does herself by blogging and appearing in mediums such as The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Channel 5, Marie Claire, BBC Radio & The Apprentice to name a few. 






All photographs are taken by the epic Caroline Gratrix at

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