30th November 2016 | London
Ravensbourne "What I wish I knew when I graduated"

I think I speak for all of us Gluggers, students and graduates when I say the Ravensbourne night was a good’un. The theme of the night was very simply “what I wish I knew when I graduated.” We had a mix of seasoned creatives to young startups offering us everything from old, new, encouraging, exciting and even the boring-yet-necessary advice.



First up we had a foreword from Ravensbourne’s very own Professor Lawrence Zeegen. Lawrence’s most valuable advice was simple; "this is only the start, keep on it and stay focused."

We’re much more set in our ways than we’d like to think. But don’t just tolerate change, you’re going to encourage it too. - Dan Moore

Our pal Dan Moore from Studio Output was second to advise us on how he got to where he is now. Dan is a founding partner of Studio Output and a hands-on Creative Director, with over 15 years’ experience in design, art direction and branding. In 2002, following a Fine Art degree and a period at a Nottingham design agency, he set up Studio Output with the simple intention of making ‘great work for interesting people’. Dan told us to really think about what you need. “Don’t just embrace change, encourage it too.”


Iona Inglesby from DotOne, tries to break through the taboo of working with DNA and went through an inspiring journey to get where she is now. She's a product designer by training but a science and data geek at heart. Iona told us about growing up wanting to combine science with design, going through many obstacles and negativity to get there but by sticking to her gut feeling and determination, she proves that you can make  a career path for yourself no matter how strange or wonderful your ideas may sound to some.

The brilliant Chiamaka and Josh are relatively fresh to the design world - but have learned so much along the way already and have created some stunning work with it. Specialising in graphic design, art direction, motion design and photography; a unique and experimental approach is utilised, aiming to consistently create inspiring outcomes. They’ve had to learn (the hard way) how to decide between full time and freelance, and tell us that sometimes it’s okay to say no. Or in their wise words - “Thanks, but nah.”


You will be offered jobs that you can convince yourself are great but you have to look deep inside and think is this going to get me to where I want to be? - Stuart Watson

Previously at Wolff Olins, helped build Venturethree, joined Moving Brands and invited to become Executive Creative Director at Design Studio, “I’m now unemployable” says Stuart Watson, as he realised he’s had every title and every job there was to be had. The next natural step was to do his own thing, hence he started up Nomad. "Work your arse off and no ego, what we do just isn’t that important."


We had the one and only Anthony Burrill joining us too. Graphic artist, print-maker and designer, he's known for his persuasive, up-beat style of communication. Words and language are an important part of Burrill’s output and he has developed a distinctive voice. He showed us his typographic, now famous “Work Hard and Be Nice to People” poster, which has become a mantra for the design community, and resonated around the room of inspired students and grads.

“Accept that you know nothing, now.” Lauren Dyer, head of Client and Business Development at MediaMonks describes the journey in a couple of phases and steps, from hunting down mentors to seeing stress as a challenge not a threat. Her invaluable advice sounds simple enough, but it’s important to keep this in mind as you’re going through uni AND real life. Lauren is a Ravensbourne Alumni, graduating from Motion Graphics in 2010 but quickly realised her passion and skills lied elsewhere – she's since been involved with mega agencies such as Stink Digital, Superglue and Love Productions.

We’d like to say a huuuge thanks to the team at Ravensbourne for letting us host our Glug in such a great space and all the students who helped out and did an absolutely amazing job and we couldn't have done it without their help!


Words by Elkie Vanstiphout from Glug London.

Photography by the amazing Claire McIntyre Check out more of her pictures at!

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