13th July 2016 | London
Glug x UAL

Glug x UAL was a collaboration event between us (Glug) and UAL Graduate Futures Week and here comes a little review.... 

On the night we welcomed 300 attendees into the impressive Central St Martin's campus in Kings Cross. We had a mix between Gluggers & UAL students and graduates who all came down to share the night with us. We had themed the event to focus on 'what I wish I knew when I graduated' and all our speakers shared their journeys, their ups, their downs and how they themselves started out in the industry. 


Sean Murphy (Moving Brands), Julie Seal (Facebook & Instagram, Dan Moore (Studio Output), Malin Persson (Glug), Alex Fowkes (Graphic Designer), Scott Morrison (The BOOM!) and Nova Dando (360º Director).


Not only did we curate an inspiring line-up for the night – we also made sure to put together some special Glug x UAL bits and bobs – such as the goodie bags (kindly printed by the most epic merchandise company on the planet: Awesome Merchandise) with goodies from GF Smith and other UAL partners. We also had the lovely team from MOO setting up a pop-up Post Office where all attendees could send a postcard to their future self...


The talks:


First off we had Dan Moore, Creative Director from Studio Output, who spoke about the entrepreneurial side of the design industry. Having graduated with a 2.1 in Fine Art, Dan didn’t have a clue what he was doing and had a badly paid job in a record shop. From a DJ promotor to a designer, Dan is now a Creative Director and he gave us 3 steps to run a successful studio. Step 1, prepare yourself. Admit that you don’t know everything yet. Step 2, start small. It will allow you to be lean and take risks. Step 3, embrace change.


Next we heard from Julie Seal, Creative Strategist from Facebook & Instagram, who gave us a “Pithy Witty Headline”: “How to get into advertising without really trying, and then how to leave advertising without really trying then how to get a job at Facebook & Instagram just by being a bad hippy with a bit of an ego”

Having got a 1st in uni, they went on and tailored a masters degree for her but unfortunately the course leader fell off the wagon. Feeling a bit lost she moved to London to do all kinds of jobs, from running a pub to dressing up as a bunny rabbit – as you do.

Julie thought she was done with advertising but remembered that she had a bit of an ego - so she went to check her LinkedIn (the "Who looked at you" section) and found an interesting contact. She sent a casual email and one day she got a phone call for an interview... and that's how she ended up at Facebook and Instagram without really trying...


Shortly after, Scott Morrison, Founder of The Boom! took the stage and gave us 5 stories – all of which completely shook every single person in the room. His story starts off being the only black child in school – and being told that he's disrupting (in a negative way) and a bit of a class clown - only to soon realise that it wasn’t the best way to make a difference, or to develop and grow from.

Ever since Scott has been a firm believer in positive disruption and creative confidence; something which he's now currently working with. He helps other companies and organisation to realise the importance of disruption, it's influence and helps them get on the right terms with company culture and creativity within teams.


Once back from a short little Notworking break, we kicked off the second interval with Alex Fowkes, the award winning British designer who graduated in 2010 and who's been freelancing since 2012. He shared his story from his early uni days with samples of amazing visuals and some of the videos he shot to document the making of his projects. He also gave us some tips: do what you enjoy, recognise your strengths & weaknesses, collaborate, always be prepared and finished off with: don’t design for designers, design for yourself!


Next we had Nova Dando, 360º Creative Director working with brands and companies. She's collaborated with advertising agencies internationally – conceptualising ideas, writing treatments, creating mood-boards and storyboards. From a production point of view, she has done a lot from leading large scale production teams to casting talent. Nova's 360º title stems from the fact that she not only does the mentioned creative direction parts of the projects she takes on – she also manage the production and editing process including graphic design, special FX, colour grading and client liaison. At the end, she left us with her top tips – 'every job is a stepping stone to the next one''collaborate with peers''keep in touch with everyone from college' and 'don’t be shy, there's so many who aren't so why be shy?'.


The last speaker of the night was Sean Murphy, Creative Director at Moving Brands. Sean is an UAL alumni himself and having both studied and tutored before at Central Saint Martin’s he was now back – and delivered an amazing talk with some very interesting ultimatums for the graduates in the audience. He spoke openly about the ups and downs of the industry, how becoming redundant was a great thing at the time and how he's now at Moving Brands feeling he'd found himself again... 

He left us with 5 points that he wishes the attendees to take onboard and bring to the industry. He want's to see work that makes himself, and the rest of the industry, feel:

- Alienating
- Disorientating
- Weird
- Unpredictable
- Scary

We want to thank everyone who attended as well as the lovely team from UAL, Graduate Futures Week – and our lovely Glug Events Assistants Ottavia Alieri and Lucy Miller.

See you at the next one!
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Photography by: Damian Griffiths

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