19th December 2016 | Manchester
Glug Manchester 2016 highlights

Over the last 9 months’ design and build website development agency FARM Digital have been hosting the GlugMCR events at NoHo bar in the Northern Quarter. FARM are a successful agency with over 60 years combined experience and clients including The Brain Tumour Charity, Prodrive, Delfin School & Watts Gallery to name a few.

Helping to inspire the next generation of creatives is close to the heart of FARM and Glug provided the perfect opportunity for this.

Since the launch in April 2016 we have gone from strength to strength and have had some fantastic speakers grace the stage. We have successfully hosted 3 events so far with our 4th being on 9th February, 2017, however, we have already established a great name for ourselves within the creative industry in Manchester. All events combine over 250 attendees (that is a lot of hi, hello and how are you’s over a beer or two).


The power of storytelling is what controls the evening, that is what each person that steps onto our stage and grabs the mic does. They engage with the audience and share their stories about how they have come to be in the position they are today.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have had some great speakers so far, here are 3 notable talks that standout in 2016.

Cathal Berragan, now Creative Director USA at The Social Chain

Taking us on a journey from abandoning studies at 19 to becoming a leading figure at ‘Social Media Agency of the Year’ Cathal talks to us about a variety of his successful projects that have contributed to his success.


Steven Swanborough, Freelance Motion Designer / Animator.

Sometimes the greatest obstacle we face is fear, Steven joined us to talk about the importance of not being afraid to try something new and pushing yourself to try new challenges. He showcased some of his latest work including motion graphics for the BBC as part of their coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Also, the mic stopped working half way through his presentation and he still bossed it. What a chap.

Nick Entwistle, Creative Director at Magnafi

Nick is a guy that doesn’t stop, alongside Magnafi he is founder of Bank of Creativity and One Minute Briefs. Nick shared with us a brilliant, insightful and emotive talk that captured the audience and highlighted the importance of applying hard work and determination. He even touched upon his personal journey that led to his involvement in the success behind the NHS Christmas Number 1 of 2015.


I look back on 2016 fondly but look forward to 2017 with excitement, 9th Feb is our next event and so far, the lineup includes;

Matt Geeling - Head of Motion at Fuzzy Duck

Anna Mullin - Art Director & Graphic Designer at Sneaky Raccoon

James Oconnell - Deputy Creative Director at Creative Spark 

Aymi Duignan - Artist / Entrepreneur at

Be sure to not miss out on future events by following us on Twitter @GlugMCR, I hope to see you soon.

Words by Kat Burrow from Glug Manchester

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