2nd July 2016 |
The Design Jones Podcast ep. 28

In case you missed the two founders, Nick Clement and Ian Hambleton, talking about their journey and how they started up Glug. Listen to The Design Jones podcast here.


We get to hear both their journeys into the creative industry up to where they are now. Ian gives us the details of the recent formation of Output Group and the reason behind the move. Both Nick and Ian give us a little insight into the future of GLUG events and what we might expect in the future. As well as this we hear about some of their past projects and to end they let us know what they think will shape the creative industry and where it is heading. Special addition to the intro provided by the excellent Paul Hunter plus make sure you listen until the end for Nicks version (both recorded at GLUG London, December 2015). Proper tidy!


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