7th November 2016 | London
Hi Elkie

Hi! I’m Elkie, the most recent Glug HQ joinee and new Community Manager.

I’m originally from Belgium and relocated to London about 3 years ago, starting professional life here at the city's first ever cat cafe. Yes, I did really play with cats for a living! After that I moved on to gain experience as a studio assistant in various creative agencies - having grown up in a family of graphic designers, painters, illustrators and musicians (and being creative myself), it made much more sense for me to be in a creative environment.


What personally attracts me to Glug is the opportunities it presents for young or inexperienced people to mix with like-minded individuals, and the chance to get first-hand advice from peers and heroes alike. Creativity is not just a fun way to spend your free time - it can help relieve stress, anxiety and give life more purpose, an outlet more valuable than ever in the increasingly pressured world we live in. Everyone in the industry should have access to great information, at great events, with great people (and beer) and Glug happens to tick all of those boxes!

A bit more about who I am? I like all sorts of things, including but not limited to; animals, singing, going to cold countries, and spending way too much money on clothes and food. I am also a big crafter, am really into reading books about psychology and how our (crazy) brains work, and love binge watching TV shows like the rest of us!


Please come say hello and show me pictures of your cat/dog at any event.

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