1st July 2016 | Leeds
Double Glug at Leeds Digital Festival

There’s no such thing as too much Glug – Glug Leeds at Leeds Digital Festival!

As we gear up for our exciting summer Glug event (Sunshine! Disco! Beers!) on 28 July, we take a fond, *slightly* rose-tinted look back at the week that nearly broke us aka Glug Leeds at Leeds Digital Festival or as we like to think of it ‘when we went a bit crazy and decided two Glugs in one week was a fine idea’. We’re not sure what we were thinking either…

Cast your mind back to that hazy Monday in April and we’re at the opening party of Leeds Digital Festival with an exclusive screening of The City Talking: Tech in Leeds, a feature length documentary highlighting the heritage and strong vibe of the tech scene in Leeds. It made us feel all warm and fuzzy to be working and living in one of the most exciting places in the country for tech and digital right now. 

Then – deep breaths – it was the first of our double Glug Leeds events at one our fave venues: Headrow House. Glug Leeds #4 – Glug Reloaded was a nod to local creative businesses that were newly formed, recently rebranded or heading in a new business direction.

Nicola Greenan from East street arts presented The Art Hostel Leeds as a new and innovative way to bring urban revitalisation for economic growth through ethical tourism.

Recent Leeds graduates Ellie and Alex introduced their new creative agency, Oslo Agency, embodying the clean and minimal design style of Scandinavia.



Elliott Mann from StrawberryToo chatted about their new Leeds offices and how they function as a full service agency staffed by graduates and apprentices working on real briefs by real clients.

Matt Davis Photography shared his pretty unique journey into the creative sector and some of the finer points in his approach to capturing the     perfect portrait.

ZiMovi, new comers to the Leeds digital scene, introduced their new nifty platform for video hosting, management, distribution and sharing.


Photo credit Samantha Toolsie.
Full gallery here - Glug Leeds #4 - Glug Reloaded


On Wednesday we took a little breather (necked loads of wine and lamented our decision to do two events in one short week). Why God? WHYYYY?And then we were backed and psyched (that’ll be wine for you!) for Glug Leeds #5 – Glug Revelations. It was at this point that we twigged that our Matrix themed names (that had bypassed everyone anyway) was fatally flawed……’it’s Revolutions not Revelations’ araghhhhh! But ever the pros and fully committed to delivering revelations like modern day preachers, we called in a couple of favours from around the UK and gathered together a bumper six speaker line-up at the newly launched Leeds Dock event space Dock29 and told some lame jokes.


Steve Bartlett, co-founder of rapidly rising agency Social Chain, and winner of The Drum’s Social Media Agency of the Year, talked us through his experience of dropping out of uni to running the UK’s biggest influencer marketing agency.


In a year where we’ve lost some many of our great cultural icons Intermarketing focused on the theme of Heroes and how we recognise legacy in modern times.

Paul Connell founder of the Leeds Node of ODI was on point for the festival talking about data and the opportunities to get involved with the digital agenda in Leeds.

It takes a special kind of guy to set up a beard-centric dating app like Bristlr and John Kershaw, winner of Tech North’s Rising Star Award, offered a candid account of what it’s like to take a spur of the moment idea and build it into an award-winning app.

A regular face on the Leeds tech scene, host of Hey Stac and director of stac consultancy, Josh Nesbitt took a turn on stage instead of backstage to talk us through the changing face of tech in Leeds.

All the way from Belfast, Christopher Murphy delivered a laugh a minute account of how education in the creative sector is changing and what the future landscape of education looks like.



Photo credit: Lucy Forrester, Proud Fox Creative.
Full gallery: Glug Leeds #5 - Glug Revelations


Instead of retiring in a blaze of double Glug glory, we’re back on Thursday 28 July at Duke Studios for Glug Leeds #6 “It’s Not So Grim Up North’.

Fancy it? Well, we’ve got a rather spesh five speaker line up set to be pretty awesome, inspiring and downright thrilling! Grab your mates, your co-workers, hell, the people on the bus next to you, and head to for advance ticket and to keep a beady eye on the speaker line up. 

We’ll see you there!


Words by: 
Team Glug Leeds 
Hannah, Martin, Emma

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