10th November 2016 |
Derrick the Deathfin on Kickstarter!

Today, Ex-Glug-Speaker Ronzo is launching a Kickstarter campaign to unleash the fast-paced sideways platformer, Derrick the Deathfin, to uncharted waters: your mobile phone and tablet!

After hours of painstakingly amounts of paper folding, cutting and gluing, Derrick the Deathfin, was successfully launched as the world’s first underwater paper-craft video game.



From the madcap mind of Ronzo the artist, Derrick first wreaked a path of destruction on the Playstation Network (2012) and later on Steam (2014) but now he’s swimming menacingly towards a mobile app release. After humans brutally turned his parents into soup, Derrick finds himself all alone in the depths of the ocean. This sets him on a destructive path as he races around the globe against the clock and his own metabolism through three stages, four different continents and 11 vibrant environments across 32 challenging levels. There’s never a dull moment as he collects diamonds, jumps through flaming tires in the sky, puzzles his way past man made obstructions and duels to the death with oversized paper baddies.



The Kickstarter campaign will offer original artwork, actual paper models used in the game production along with an enticing list of in app extras so don't miss out and don't let all this folding go to waste. Help them reach their goal - The Kickstarter campaign can be found here!

Come on in, the water is fine... 

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