22nd September 2016 |
Austin Fraser – Our New UK Partners

Hi Gluggers, 

We've got some exciting news to share with you all.. We're now lucky to call Austin Fraser our exclusive digital recruitment partner in the Glug Family. 

You might have already met them at some of our events, but now they’ve joined us we hope that they’ll benefit the community more directly with their digital and creative recruitment industry knowledge and experience. Here's a little message from Austin Fraser on why they were so keen to get involved with the Glug community and how they can help you....


We love being audience members at Glug, learning more and more about everything that’s going on in the digital and creative communities. And it was that experience of being in the audience that made us want to get involved, sponsoring our local Glug meetups, in Oxford then in Reading.

Luckily Glug liked us just as much as we liked them...

Now we’re happy to be sponsoring the whole of the UK as Glug’s exclusive recruitment partner, ensuring that these events carry on, giving us a chance to come together and share knowledge and opportunities.

Our partnership is not only supporting Glug though, we want to support you, the digital and creative community. Whether you’re freelance, full time, an established company, or an innovative start up. We can help you find your next role or next hire.

Whether it’s just advice or you’d like us to help your business grow and succeed. We’re here to chat.

From our humble start up in a garage with two employees we’ve grown across the world, with offices in Europe and the US. We know the importance of maintaining the right culture whilst recruiting. Getting the right people, with the right skills, in the right places.

In our ten years of growth we’ve had to do this for our self, which is why we feel comfortable giving you the advice to grow your business successfully. We’ve been there and done that.

We look forward to meeting you all at an event. We love to learn about new things going in the community and meet people, like yourself, who are doing interesting things.

You can also contact our specialist team on




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