19 March 2020 | Leeds

Glug Leeds: Go Your Own Way

  • Mat Lazenby
  • Taaryn Brench

Glug Leeds: Go Your Own Way

Cue Fleetwood Mac. On repeat. All evening.

Sounds great right?

We hear the stories, tips and tricks from seasoned creatives and independents who have taken the plunge and made it on their own by starting freelance life or created growing businesses. How you can take their advice in your own creative life and avoid some of the pitfalls they fell into. We’ll also hear from independent creatives who have decided to rejoin the world of full-time employment and what it was like to re-adjust to that life.

Line up

Mat Lazenby

Creative Director, LazenbyBrown

Mat Lazenby is a key figure in York’s creative industries sector. Most recently, he was part of the group which created the bid for York to become a UNESCO City of Media Arts. Before founding York-based design agency LazenbyBrown he worked in senior creative positions for agencies in York and Leeds. Mat regularly speaks in educational institutions on the subject of creative education. He has developed brand design projects for a host of local and national brands. He’s a creative fellow of the Northern School of Art and a past Master of the Guild of Media Arts.

Twitter @Mat_LB

Instagram @lazenbybrown_york


Taaryn Brench

Leeds based independent designer and illustrator

After working as a multidisciplinary designer for a full service agency, Taaryn now works independently across design and illustration. No matter the project, she consistently applies a love of colour and playfulness underpinned with design sensibilities.

Twitter @taaryn_b