19 February 2020 | Nantes

Export your French Touch Workshop

  • ADDL Formations
  • Laurent Terrasse

🤩 Did you see Doctor Paper, Oelwein or Raphaël Perrier on the stage of @GlugNantes? How did they manage to export their French touch? Do you want to try your luck beyond French borders? Going for a residence abroad? Working with clients who do not speak the language of Molière? This workshop is for you.

✌️ After two successful editions, Glug Nantes launches its workshops! Join Glug speakers and partners in workshop for 2 hours to inspire you and develop your creativity!

🇫🇷 First workshop on the program: Export your French touch with Laurent Terrasse from ADDL Formations .

💯 Laurent will give you the basics and some tips and tricks to make your life easier when it comes to speaking in English with your foreign contacts.