21 November 2019 | Reading

Glug Reading - Creativity for Good

  • Rich Strachan
  • Ian Hambleton

Join us for our creative for good evening

About this Event

We are back, and in our new and permanent home. Glug champions creative communities around the world and we are delighted to have an evening of Tech For Good speakers. 

Rich Strachan, Managing Director 3 SIDED CUBE:

Agency Evolved

Hear Rich talk about why they do Tech For Good. Hear about their projects including the World first blood tracking app for the American Red Cross. And how they have evolved the agency to be able to do more for good projects.

Richard Strachan is the Managing Director of 3 SIDED CUBE, with a particular passion for building technology for good - specifically digital solutions that are either life-saving, life-changing or problem-solving. Over the years, he’s worked with clients such as the BBC, Gap, Activision, the Red Cross to deliver a range of projects and campaigns. 

Ian Hambleton, CEO Output Group

Offset Earth

Ian will be sharing why he co-founded Offset Earth in 2019 so that people like you can actually take on the climate crisis.

A founding partner of Studio Output back in 2002, Ian’s role has changed as the company has grown, but his belief in positivity, doing great work and making friends along the way has remained constant.

Along the way that’s seen him lead the acquisition of Found, bringing film, motion and content in-house to Output Group in 2012. Back in 2007 Ian set up Glug, the networking and talks event for the creative industries.

Currently, Ian is working on launching the Group’s new VR offering, Maze Theory – an evolutionary storytelling studio who have produced games for Peaky Blinders and Doctor Who, as well as driving ambitious plans to grow Glug into the world’s largest creative community.