4 April 2019 | Birmingham

Glug Birmingham: Rebirth

  • Claire Farrell
  • Studio Koto
  • Annatomix
  • Joseph Liu

Birmingham Design Festival is delighted to present the welcome return of Glug Birmingham after a short hiatus. We are your new hosts and look forward to continuing the great work by Lisa and Inkygoodness.

Our first Glug event will focus on Rebirth, with our speakers discussing taking established ideas, brands and careers in new directions. We have four amazing speakers to kick off proceedings – Claire Farrell, Joseph Liu, Annatomix and James Greenfield.

We're not going to be shaking up a winning format too much, so expect the same mix of casual notworking, four talks from outstanding creatives and a few drinks along the way to accompany the experience.

We'll also be taking full advantage of Digbeth Dining Club, now located right next door and serving up the very best street food the city has to offer.

If you're not familiar with Birmingham Design Festival, we're a non-profit organisation established in 2017 to help enhance the experience of living and working in Birmingham for its many creative folk. In June 2018 we put on our first festival. Over 100 events across 4 days, 30 venues and dozens of speakers including Aaron Draplin, Astrid Stavro, Marina Willer and Anthony Burrill.

Returning 6th–8th June 2019, you might expect a little BDF related announcement or two at this event.



Established WERK in 2006 and has since devised and produced a significant number of projects, event, exhibitions and festivals in public space and the built environment. She has worked hard to create over 300 artist commission opportunities for regional, national and internationally based artists. Working with emerging and establihed graphic designers, photographers and film makers.

Her research and interests are rooted in new genre public art, urban planning, design and placemaking. Taking influence from Situationists, Artist Placement Group, Earthworks and the Bauhaus, she is inspired by the transformative potential of art created or situated in the built environment. As founder and director of WERK each project is devised with the objective to identify opportunities for artists to work in a site-specific and context-specific way.


Prior to founding Koto, James worked at some of London’s leading design studios, for the world’s biggest brands. Projects for clients ranging from Google to MTV to Nike saw him gain experience across disciplines including motion, digital and environmental.


Starting from a natural leaning toward geometry and traditional graphic design, she has spent the last 6 years developing her style and narrative, and produced her first solo show in London, in February 2015.

She creates symbolic, modernist works - inspired by philosophy, theology, mathematics and science fiction - and has become particularly well known for her large scale murals, distinctive polygonal animals and geometric patterns.


Joseph Liu has always been fascinated by the idea of reinvention. As someone who’s navigated three major career changes himself and four major brand relaunches during this 10 years’ international brand management experiences at companies like Clorox, Gu Puds, and General Mills, Joseph's now dedicated to helping people relaunch their careers to pursue more meaningful work, applying principles of product branding to personal branding.

Based in London, he’s the host of the Career Relaunch podcast with listeners in 130+ countries, featured as a top business and career podcast in Forbes, Glassdoor, and Business Insider. He's also served as a keynote speaker for conferences and organisations including TEDx, MarketingWeek Live, The Guardian, London Business School, Cambridge Business School, Oxford Business School, and General Assembly. He’s a contributing writer to Forbes and Fast Company, and has been featured in Glassdoor, The Muse, Monster, SUCCESS Magazine, Career Builder, HuffPost, and Thrive Global,