26 July 2019 | Austin



The time has come again for everyone to join us for another epic Glug event. We'll be covering how creatives, regardless of ability, can create a strong brand for themselves, while trying to find answers for questions such as:

Do you need to brand yourself?

How do you maintain that brand?

How do you standout in a world of fierce competition, unrivaled talent and well-resourced agencies?

If you're just starting out, where do you begin?

Sounds pretty good, right? Join us and some very special guests at the Google Towers, who will be sharing their stories and ideas.

Some of our amazing speakers sharing their inspiration are the famous James VictoreCarter Pagel and Stephanie Bergara

Come and network with key players in the industry and with music from the awesome Dhaamin.

Ticket price includes beverages to ease you into the weekend!