28 November 2018 |


It’s the final Glug Leeds of the year and we’re taking time to reflect on our the finer points of what and how we are inspired…..

Glug-xibit - a look at the curation of creative collections and how creative practitioners are inspired by the whole around them through their own personal collections.

Speakers will be sharing anecdotal accounts around their creative collections and how these have influenced their works and style or insights on exhibitions they have curated and the process of collating creative works.

Super star line-up........Our Speakers

Melanie Hough - Curator at Getty Images Hulton Archive

Melanie Hough is the curator at Getty Images Hulton Archive, looking after 80 million works on glass, film and paper to ensure each one is protected for posterity and its historic moment shared. Pulling on strands to navigate the 1,500 different collections, Melanie works with editors, academics and creatives to untap the potential of photographic time travel, while heading up a team of dedicated archivists and a conservator. A working picture library which is fast evolving into a living museum, the Hulton’s curator is part-explorer, part-gatekeeper, activating this unique resource through storytelling and collaboration.

A collection of collections, the Hulton Archive is as idiosyncratic as it is comprehensive. A medley of legacies, what new connections can be made between these sometimes singular obsessions or peculiar taxonomies? We’ll be talking about our responsibility to the original collectors, how we care for and engage with the pieces left behind of a life.

Adam Boardman - AAA Illustration 

Luke O'Brien - Freelance Graphic Designer 

Oli Bentley - These North Types

Laura Wellington - Co-Founder of Duke Studios

See you at the bar!

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