15 November 2018 | Bristol

Glug Bristol Presents: What's Next?

  • Kerry Harrison
  • Paul Wickers
  • Alison Battisby

Glug Bristol brings together creatives from across the city to showcase awesome work, share experiences and meet like-minded people. Each event features talks from local creatives, agencies, start-ups and exciting up-and-coming talent, plus tons of time for seriously light-hearted networking in the Square Club bar.

This time we'll be looking towards the future and asking ourselves ‘What’s next?’ Expect an evening filled with mind-blowing breakthroughs, innovative approaches and cutting-edge technology while we explore the trends and ideas that are spearheading the future of creativity.

Official kick off is at 6pm, but the Square Club bar will be open from 5.30pm if you fancy getting the drinks in a little earlier.

Kerry Harrison

Co-founder of Tiny Giant

Kerry Harrison

Kerry is the co-founder of Tiny Giant, a creative AI startup that combines minds and machines to deliver engaging and effective marketing. She is a freelance copywriter, a blogger at and has been working as an advertising creative for 17 years.

In this talk, Kerry will take you on a thrilling journey through all that’s hot and happening in the world of creative AI. From algorithmic art to generative music and super-intelligent advertising - you'll discover what’s possible right now. And, crucially, what might happen next.

Tara Moore

Photographer at Getty Images

Tara Moore

Tara is a visual artist, colour junkie, technical nerd, people watching photographer who, amongst other things, shoots for Getty Images. Her photos are concept driven and self-exploratory that some people, somewhere can identify with.

She believes that future trends lie in what is relevant to us socially and politically, and how we see ourselves adapting to an ever-evolving landscape.

Paul Wickers

Founder and CEO of Huggg

Paul is founder and CEO of Bristol-based brand Huggg. He's on a mission to put real product into messaging. All messaging. Everywhere. What does this mean? Well, imagine a friend is having a bad day, but the coffee cup emoji in your message to her becomes coffee in her hands - a bridge from the mobile to the real world if you like. A realmoji for when words are not enough. That’s a huggg.

Alison Battisby

Founder of Avocado Social


Alison is a digital marketing instructor and social media expert who has worked in the social media industry since 2008. Alison has consulted a wide range of growing enterprises and big brands including Estee Lauder, Tesco and Pringles. She’s also an accredited She Means Business Facebook trainer, and has travelled the world training companies including the BBC, John Lewis, Cambridge University Press and Interflora.

Alison will be revealing the social media trends we can expect to see in 2019.