19 April 2017 | London

Glug & The Tech Off: No Mercy

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Hi Gluggers,  

It's time!

Together with our best mates Tech Dept. have another Glug & The Tech Off coming up in April. See below for events details, speaker line-up, and check out what happened last time so you can start getting all excited...

Blood, Tears & Tech!

This is like no other event you have seen. Hosted by MC Danimal AKA “The Beyonce Of Tech”, with security by The Fabulous Bakewell Boys and tunes by superstar DJ Beefcake

The Tech Off has been seen at Cannes Lions, Eurobest Helsinki and DMX Dublin. The team has just got back from SXSW where they hosted four events, including a Street Fight and the closing reception party at Great Britain House. Be prepared to be entertained and appalled by these guys – as well as informed by our great speakers, who have only 5 minutes each!

We apologise in advance, so you may want to look at these photos to prepare yourselves mentally:


– So, what is this?

Well, on the 19th of April we're basically bringing Team Glug and Team Tech Off to Cargo, Shoreditch for a night focussed on creativity, technology, opinions, battles, wigs, confetti and boxers... As well as new ideas, industry tips, beers and banter.

– Deets

On the night we'll be hearing from no one less than the reigning maestro-super-winner Sam Applebee (Kickpush) as well as Sara Gozalo (Youtube), Toby Gunton (Edelman), Adrian Brown (Centre for Public Impact), Helen Lawrence (Twitter), Cathy White (Cew Communications / GeekGirl Meetup UK) and William Harvey (VCCP). As per always when we're at Cargo we've got a beer included in the price, and we expect the tickets to run out quickly so make sure you get in before it's too late.

– What happened last time, then?

Well, a lot! We've done a little re-cap here: Glug & The Tech Off – Round 1. As well as an epic video which you can check out by clicking on the below image, or simply just click here.

– This round's Speakers

Youtube – Sara Gozalo, Youtube Partner Technology Manager
Twitter – Helen Lawrence, Head Of Creative Agency Development 
CPI – Adrian Brown, Global Marketing and Communications Director 
Founder & Director of CEW Comms / Director of GeekGirl Meetup UK - Cathy White
Edelman – Toby Gunton, General Manager
VCCP – William Harvey, Innovation Lead
Kickpush/Super Global – Sam Applebee, Director 

– The Wildcard

In true The Tech Off spirit we're going to head hunt someone in the crowd on the night to take on the stage. So, if you're feeling up for it – make sure to give us a nudge in the beginning of night :-) The talk can be on anything relating to Creative Tech – so get your thinking caps on, Gluggers!

Waheey, roll on the good times!  Let us know if you've got any questions, otherwise we'll see you all there. 

Glug London


Sara Gozalo – Youtube
Trying to mix music and technology everyday. During the day I'm a Partner Technology Manager at YouTube, working with strategic partners across different verticals as Music, Broadcasters, Kids and VR. Previously worked as innovation tech lead at BBC Music & Radio where I also organised events &; hackdays to promote the innovation in the music tech industry. In my spare time I'm a Clarinet player at Basement Orchestra & a resident hacker in hackathons, specially in Music Hack Days.

Helen Lawrence
 – Twitter


Helen leads Creative Agency relationships at Twitter, ensuring that creative campaigns reach their potential on Twitter. Prior to joining Twitter in 2014, Helen was Social Strategy Lead at BBH, where she managed the agency's social team, working on the Johnnie Walker, Google and The Guardian accounts. Prior to BBH, Helen has lead social and mobile departments at ASOS and Dare. MediaWeek named her in their annual 30 Under 30, and in TechCrunch's Women in Technology list. She is @helenium on Twitter.

Adrian Brown – Centre for Public Impact 

Adrian Brown is the Executive Director of the Centre for Public Impact, a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to working with governments around the world to improve their impact. He's a former civil servant and thinktanker and lives in Bethnal Green with his wife and two small children.

Cathy White - CEWcomms & GeekGirl UK

Before founding CEW Communications, Cathy was Head of Communications for Tech City UK, an organisation to accelerate the growth of digital startups and skills in the UK, and previously Communications and Marketing Manager for Seedcamp, the first round fund that invests in pre-seed and seed stage tech startups.  Outside of her day-to-day, she is an organiser for GeekGirl Meetup UK, highlighting female role models in the tech industry, providing women with events to learn, connect and be mentored. Cathy is also the host of GeekGirlMeets, a podcast series that interviews women in technology in order to inspire others. 

Toby GuntonEdelman

Toby Gunton joined Edelman in October 2016, taking up the post of General Manager at Edelman UK. He started his career in the mid 90’s as a journalist contributing to, and editing, a number of gaming and motorsports titles. In 1997 he moved to Haymarket publishing to help launch their first website and set up Haymarket 

William Harvey – VCCP

Will is responsible for driving digital thinking and inspiring innovative new ways for brands to engage with consumers, leveraging both emerging technology and tracking current trends. A former student at UK University Ravensbourne, Will has previously worked for both Ogilvy and Apple. Will has worked on a wide range of campaigns and projects that look to find a happy merriment between brands, agencies and innovators. At VCCP, he is blending the world of Creativity and Technology to push the boundaries and challenge what's possible.

Sam Applebee - Kickpush / Super Global

Kickpush work with the best talent to craft user experiences and draw beautiful interfaces. They're convinced  that people and relationships define quality and are always exploring new frontiers of design in VR and AR. Sam Applebee is co-founder at Kickpush.

Events Partners     

We want to thank our lovely partners who all help us deliver our events in London and around the world. Big up to the best people around:

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The Trampery
The Drum
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The Wow Company

If your company wants to get involved with Glug too, get in touch with Malin at and we'll give you more information on what opportunities we've got in store for you!  

Ps. We're really fun to work with and always have lots of quirky ideas, so don't be shy...