Vabrique Yard

20 July 2017 | Berlin

Digital Insights

  • Edenspiekermann
  • HelloFresh
  • Pivotal Labs
  • Diesdas Digital
  • Orderbird

We are celebrating all things sun and digital at our Summer Special Open Air event on 20th July. ☀️

We are bringing together designers and developers, with a focus on digital insights. 

We have talks from the amazing Liv Madsen, Developer at Edenspiekermann and Polina Kadkina, UI designer at HelloFresh. We are talking about 'Best working practices' at our panel discussion, sitting developers next to designers from Pivotal Labs, Diesdas Digital and Orderbird to discuss how to align team goals, best process and communication.

After our panel, we are opening up the floor to you all with a Q&A. Already have a burning question to ask our panellists? Email them over to

A theme close to my heart, we've made this one a bit more special. So grab a ticket as they will sell out fast.

As always, we have a bar for all you Schörlertrinker & Biertrinker. Austin Fraser is picking up the tab for your first drink, so get there early for a cold one. Thanks also to Orderbird for making it possible to hold the event at the amazing open-air yard at Ritterstr 12.

Pop down, get inspired and have a drink with us.

Glug love,
Glug Berlin


Liv Madsen



Liv has been putting pictures, code, and words on the WWW for the last 20 years.
As a frontend developer at Edenspiekermann in Berlin, she spends her days on scalable css architecture, coaching teams, and developing component libraries and digital design systems for brands like Red Bull and The Economist.
Also, she loves designers.

Her talk will focus on how design systems can bridge the gaps within digital teams and optimise workflows for the web. You should come.

Social links:
Twitter: @livmadsen

Polina Kadkina



Polina is a UI Designer at HelloFresh in Berlin. She views design as a tool to problem-solving and dealing with change, not as a visual or aesthetic practice. Enterprise design is not sexy per se, but it is so much more than designing tables 24/7. 

Twitter: @HelloFreshDE


Pilar Serna
Design Manager at Pivotal Labs

Pivotal Labs are the agile dev unit of Pivotal, they pair their product managers, designers and engineers with their clients to work side by side. Working as an integrated product design team.

Twitter: @pivotallabs

Thorsten Dittmar
Interim-CTO at Orderbird

In the late 70s Thorsten was a hacker, now he is an investor and manager. He is still trying to figure out if this is a career or an undesirable development. He is currently working as an interim manager at Orderbird to help them grow. He is a GTD evangelist and an old fashion agile coach.


Harry Keller
Co-founder at Diesdas Digita


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Austin Fraser
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