20 September 2017 | Edinburgh



Hola Gluggers,

It took me while to decide what to say since this Glug is very close to my heart for many reasons. Some of you know that I've been planning this for quite some time, and as all things meant to be, the right people arrive at the right time.

I'm so honoured and humbled to have the opportunity of bringing all these professionals together for a two-day event to talk about mindfulness and mental health, a way of going back to yourself and discover who you really are. 

The path of self-love and respect is nothing but the other side of compassion and kindness towards others. We are in this together as we rise by lifting others and is only in the acceptance of these principles that life has true meaning.

I wish you happiness and joy. May you find the peace within.

With love,


Date: 20 – 21 September 2017, 6.30PM
Venue: Dentsu Aegis Network, Capital House, 2 Festival Square, Edinburgh EH3 9SU
Tickets: Email to secure a spot


MAGGIE RICHARDS – Smiley Minds Kids' Relaxation Classes
Maggie began her career as a journalist, contributing to the likes of The Times, The Guardian, Spirit & Destiny and BBC Radio before her life was transformed by meditation.

At 30 she fell in love with her inner silence. The deep peace she found within compelled her to begin assisting others to attune to their wellspring of inner guidance. Inspired by the very positive changes in her life, she trained as a Somatic Experiencing trauma therapist and gained powerful new insights into the mind-body connection. When the body is relaxed, the mind can be still.

Today, Maggie teaches children, adults and companies how to rest and be their best. Deloitte, Agent Provocateur, Leon, PLENISH, Stylist and Urban Rituals are among the brands who’ve selected her to work with them. Author of A Guide to Being a Better Being, Maggie leads an ethical life and is devoted to making the world a kinder place.

LENA KAY – Transformation Coach / Speaker / Trainer
Lena Kay is a Transformation coach, International Speaker and Trainer who was born in Kurdistan Iraq and raised in London. 

A university dropout she has a fruitful professional experience from managing 10 gambling establishments in London, and becoming Team Leader in RBS Business Banking, to MD in a Sales and Business Development Consultancy to countless other jobs from hospitality and service industries. In her mid 20’s however she found herself living in a homeless hostel, depressed, overweight with a brain tumour and living on benefits. She discovered neuroscience and quantum physics, used the knowledge to transform her life and helped many people on her journey as she organically fell into coaching.

Over the last 8 years Lena has integrated her training and knowledge into practical transformational trainings and works with people from around the world to master themselves.

Richard is a Co-owner and Joint Managing Director of digital brand agency Tayburn. He leads on the agency's client acquisition and reputation plans and shares the financial and people management responsibilities with fellow Joint MD, Malcolm Stewart.

During his career he has worked with brands of all shapes and sizes ranging from large multinational blue chips to smaller start-ups and everything in between. At Tayburn his key client relationships are Heineken, FNZ, Myeloma UK and Edinburgh Rugby.

A regular speaker on brand and digital matters, Richard believes passionately that in order to grow and develop brands needs to define their purpose, tell their stories and find their place in today's world.

Outside of Tayburn, Richard is an enthusiastic but deeply average CrossFitter and a spectacular appreciator of fine wines and malt whiskies.

THEO TZANIDIS – University of the West of Scotland

Mr Theo Tzanidis is a Digital Marketing Lecturer and Marketing Postgraduate Programme Director at the University of the West of Scotland. He is also a member of the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) Industry Advisory Board. Theo has worked extensively with all elements of the marketing mix, with different marketing strategies, both online and offline and handled online projects digital marketing consulting projects providing search engine optimisation, pay per click campaign support, social media management development and inbound marketing support. Mr Tzanidis has been working closely with Dr Frew in delivering immersive education and he brings expertise on Google-ED as well as using Information Technology and Digital media for enterprise education, digital marketing and digital branding. Please see more information on Theo’s know-how and portfolio evidence in his Digital Touchcast Bio. “

DR. MATTHEW FREW – University of the West of Scotland
Matt focuses on the challenges of applying theoretical and technological insights to produce new innovative and transformational products and practices. In this age of acceleration and techno-culture Matt is fascinated by how ubiquitous, convergent, augmented and virtual technologies are challenging the structuring relations of space, time and our embodied condition. As current developments see the integration of technologies that enable us to place shift, create and relive immersive multi-sensory experiences we are witnessing the re-shaping, if not re-booting, of how we work, educate and live.

Close friends, business partners & professionally trained Three Principles Practitioners, Steph and Kaye have successfully run talks and seminars about unlocking human potential in different settings including businesses, not for profit and the local community.

Having worked together for eighteen years they’ve set up a number of ventures - the first of which is SK Chase -, which they still own and provides an online gift voucher application to luxury hotels throughout the UK and Ireland. They also run a social initiative,, which produces recordings of our live events, webinars and community night talks. Venturesk( has been created to house their different business interests and is the arm through which they share the inside-out psychological understanding, commonly known as The Three Principles, with people in business.

DANNI GORDON – The Chachi Power Project
Danni Gordon started The Chachi Power Project in January 2017 to promote body positivity and to encourage everyone to improve their body confidence. Last year she had a life altering moment thanks to some good old self-development.

It changed her life; I felt free for the first time. I'd spent my entire life hating and worrying what other people thought about my body and in reality, it was the most incredible gift I had ever been given. At that point I realised I was going to start showing it the love and respect it deserved and now I'm encouraging others to do the same with their own bodies.

GEOFF MCDONALD – Open Minds Health
Geoff’s background in teaching, HR, marketing, communications and sustainability is considerable. During his 25 years with Unilever his experience has been truly

global working across Africa Middle-East and Turkey, Australasia and Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Geoff is devoting a significant amount of time consulting to organisations, helping them define and embed purpose as a driver of growth and profitability and was recently appointed
Strategic Advisor to the Global PR and Communications firm Burson Marsteller, in the area of Corporate Purpose and Organisation Change. Additionally, Geoff’s an Executive Director of Open Minds Health, an organisation providing businesses with practical strategies to address workplace mental wellbeing culture for achievable, measurable and sustainable improvement of employee wellbeing.

Geoff has recently had the opportunity to engage with Pope Francis on how we create a more sustainable and inclusive economy through his work with the Global Foundation.

He too is supporting the Royal Foundation (Prince William, Harry and Kate) in their mental health campaign and activation within the Corporate sector and was recently appointed Trustee of Family Links, a Charity promoting and educating parents and teachers to develop emotionally healthy children and young adults.