21 July 2016 | Manchester

Manchester Mavericks

  • Awkward Arcade
  • Dan Hett
  • Forever Digital
  • Social Chain

Glug Manchester is back with a whole new line up and theme! We are working with the movers and shakers of the Creative Industry to bring you - Manchester Mavericks!  

We are bringing you the trendsetters, eccentrics, and the mega cool people to speak about what is hot right now in the creative world!  

If it isn't broke don't fix it - so in that case we are heading back to our favourite bar Noho in the Northern Quarter. Don't worry we learned from our mistakes from the last event and will be ordering a lot more pizza, in particular extra Meat Feasts! ;-) 

Manchester is full of talent when it comes to digital and creatives, and we are keen to show off the amazing creative community the city has to offer! So calling all creatives in and around Manchester, come and join in on the conversation and be part of the movement that is Glug. 


Awkward Arcade – James Medd


James Medd is an artist, musician, and educator. His work comprises entertainment, accessibility, and whimsy. He likes to make physical and digital things, for both fun and functionality. In the past he’s made sculptures that move and respond to natural human input, inserted technology into some unusual places – including kettles and letterboxes – filtered popular culture down to morbid and inane minutiae, and transferred electronic circuits to canvas.

Most recently, James has been developing the Awkward Arcade, a real life experimental video arcade, showcasing games that make you move and think in ways uncommon in mainstream games culture.'

Twitter: @jamesmedd 

Dan Hett


Dan is a BAFTA award-winning creative technologist, digital artist and games developer from Manchester. After spending three years working for BBC Children's and then a year in BBC Research & Development, Dan now works as a creative tech gun-for-hire, building big interesting things with code and technology that people can play with, make stuff with, or dance in front of. When he's not doing that, by night he's also a performing live visual artist, creating eye-melting improvised live visuals for concerts, festivals and beyond - most recently via the Algorave movement, and regularly at chiptune and electronica shows, most notably doing headline visuals at last year's Superbyte Festival. 

Dan's talk is entitled "Things To Break And Do", and will be a colourful, noisy, rapid-fire journey through some of the ludicrous things he's made with computers.

Twitter: @danhett

Daniel Moore



Daniel is a graphic designer originally from Northern Ireland. Since moving to Manchester 2.5 years ago Daniel has worked on some big projects where his work has been seen on designspiration, Manchester United, Pretty52 and most recently he designed the latest Snapchat GeoFilter for the whole of Manchester and Liverpool. 

Aside from his personal projects Daniel's day job is being Head of Design for forever digital, a new digital agency based in the northern quarter. forever digital is focused in building brands and providing super cool branded online content for social media and the web. 

Dan's talk is entitled "Big ideas, small screens", and will be talking about how everyday phones features/capabilities have the potential to help your next digital/social media campaign. Features such as gyroscope (360 video/images), location advertising, secure instant messaging, live streaming and Camera/video across social media platforms. 


Twitter: @danielmoorehere @fvrdigital

Cathal Berragan



Twenty-year-old University of Warwick drop out Cathal Berragan is head of campaigns for influencer marketing agency The Social Chain, which designs and delivers social media campaigns for huge brands such as Spotify, Universal, Microsoft and Just Eat. 


Twitter: @CathalUK