5 July 2016 | London

Glug Meets: Imagination

  • Imagination

Hi Gluggers,  

Welcome to our July event of Glug Meets. This time we've got the awesome team of creatives from Imagination visiting us and we're really looking forward to this night! 

They're bringing down a mix of creatives and key-figures across some of their largest projects – who will all share what it's like to work at Imagination as well as the industry of experientially driven innovation and design. Come down to hear the latest and get up to speed with what they're up to at the moment...

Cheers, Glug HQ



Imagination is an independent agency that transforms business through creativity since 1968. We believe in transforming business through creativity, recognising that the creative requirements of brand communications have shifted from ‘message’ ideas to ‘experience’ ideas. We have made a conscious effort to re-think the product we provide for our clients, not by changing what we do, but by expanding what we do. The result is work that is more relevant to clients and more relevant to consumers, more often. 


Imagination believes in the power of technology to make experiences bigger, better, deeper, more surprising, more personal, more lasting, more inspiring and more shareable; and in that way more valuable to the customers who experience them and the brands who create them.


At Imagination we are constantly innovating and evolving in order to deliver this. Imagination connects individual customers to experiences they love more closely, more actively and more lastingly. We believe that through a blend of physical and digital, experiences will inspire, transform and last. As well as connecting customers better to the experiences we develop, to understand the impact of these experiences they must be measured, individually and collectively. So in this way, every experience can be optimised and its return on investment continually enhanced.


More info: / @imaginationlabs